Incredible images from Google Streetview

    Amazing Tumblr:

    Some of the images are so mindblowing that I almost can’t believe that they’re real. I’d love it even more if there were links to the actual map references.

    A Tale of Accidental Distortion

    One day, at a local record store, virtually every record he tested on headphones had exactly the aspect he was looking for: Hard-edged drums, suggestively distorted. Back at home, though, everything flattened out into the clean, featureless world of contemporary tech house. It turned out that the amplifier in the shop’s listening station was broken. Intrigued by the power of the music he heard in the store, he began experimenting with running sampled drums through distortion and overdrive, in order to give his music a rawness that it had previously lacked.

    John Talabot (one of my favourite producers and Barcelona DJ) talks about how a broken amplifier in a record shop took his sound to a better place. I love little stories like this.

    Check his stuff on Spotify:

    What to do when you find that you can’t use ‘presenter view’ at a conference

    Just turned up at theĀ CAT conference to find out that I can’t use ‘Presenter View’ in Keynote. This has happened before and I just winged it. But today I figured I could find a quick way to get everything onto my iPhone in a simple way that will work with any version of Keynote and doesn’t require any fancy apps…

    So here’s what to do if you find yourself in a ‘can’t see my presentation notes’ kind of an emergency.

    First, don’t panic…

    Then hit ‘print’ in Keynote…

    Your special friend is ‘save PDF to iPhoto’…

    Then just go to iTunes and sync your photos…

    And you’re done.

    You now have a perfectly usable set of notes inside the ‘Photos’ app on your iPhone.

    There might be a quicker way, but this felt like a pretty tight workflow in a sticky situation.

    3D Giffage

    This isn’t a new technique, but every time I see it I think “blow me I need to use that for something sometime”. This one just makes me think of Skins.