Blogs is Back


I got inspired by Ben writing this piece about good old fashioned blogging and how we should all try and make it good again:

It made me realise just how lazy I’ve been with blogging. And of course I have excuses for that. But there’s a part of me that genuinely misses the whole blogging thing. For a while I was thinking about just jacking it in. Especially after the whole hacking episode.

But then I started to think about what I love about blogging and how much it’s done for me, things that not-blogging platforms like Twitter never can or will. Things like the weekend where I took the challenge to do a bunch of stuff and had a really great time, (like making butter…)

Plus I got a lovely mail from someone the other day about how much my post on Mental Detox Week had inspired them. Which made me reconsider blog-retirement.

And screw Posterous and all that jazz, I’m just going to do it old school. Me and the blog against the world and all that new fangled Tumbleration and stuff…

Just clicked The Ace Hotel’s “Awesome Internet Button”

You know how in hotels you normally get one of those things where you have to put in your credit card information, or at least your name and room number, well the Ace Hotel says “bugger that” with the following page that greets you when you try to use the Internet.

You just press it, the button goes down and the Internet starts. Just how it ought to be.

If you decide to click on ‘words & things’ you get: