A Story About A Basketball


See this ball. It’s a ball like many other balls in Portland. It’s lying on the street. A normal ordinary street in a nice-ish neigbourhood. That ball will still be there tomorrow. And it will still bounce.

Everywhere I’ve ever lived before that ball would have been dead within an hour. A pissed student would have kicked it somewhere out of reach, a pitbull would have burst it, some kids would have nicked it for profit or just for fun, pretty much it would be killed 100 times in an hour.

I’m not quite ready to actually trust people yet, but it’s nice to live in a place where you can leave a ball on the street overnight.

Microsoft and Yahoo! Ads

In under 24 hours I’ve noticed these 2 ads for what I suppose are Google’s nearest competitors in a bunch of things.

First this Yahoo! ad.


Now I’m not crazy about the chick with the Social Media Tattoos. I’ve seen her around a bit and I find her a little bit, um, contrived. Especially when you put her outdoors in the middle of Tattoo-town (Portland, OR).

But then as I walked closer to the ad I noticed…


Holy shit, it’s hand painted!


At the very least this deserves an A for effort. Even if the ad is a bit horrible.

Then, this morning, I noticed this Microsoft Bing ad for the Portland Foodcarts Map.


You can view the map here: http://www.bing.com/foodcarts. The site takes a while to load and it’s not the best experience ever (and it only works in some browsers – not Chrome). But they have gone and made a theoretically useful map of Portland Food Carts. So again, A for effort.

It’s good to see these guys making an effort.