Ill Behaviour

If you’ve been round these parts for a while you’ll know I can’t resist a video with lots of funny dancing in it. This one does a nice job of mixing up hippies, grebos and ravers into a massive mongathon.

Best Image Response I’ve Been Sent

Whist in the middle of an email exchange Josh Millrod (@senatorbolton) replied with this:


In the way that many young people seemingly do, I LOLed. I also did a LOL when someone replied to a Tweet with this:

funny animated gif

Anyone got any other useful favourites that I could add to my collection of 2 images?

Solar Bears – Inner Sunshine


Listening to this right now. And loving it. Here it is on Spotify Solar Bears – Inner Sunshine

When Bleep said:

Boards lo-fi psych, Bibio’s pastoral nostagia and Selected Works era Aphex drawn together in a kaleidoscopic fog for your ears.

I thought I might like it.

Previews from Boomkat:

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