Loving ‘Sort by Magic’ in Google Reader

I’m such a sucker for quirky interesting ways of using language in applications. I’m sure there’s many good sensible reasons why this isn’t what you’re supposed to call a sort option. But you know exactly which option I’m going to choose. Every time.

This has probably been there for ages, but I only saw it for the first time just now.

Capture your entire life with a Vicon Revue

Watching this makes me feel really funny. I love its mundane epicness. It’s so ordinary and everyday, but I can’t help but extrapolate back to birth and forward to death.

The Vicon Revue is:

The wearable digital camera designed to take photos passively without intervention whilst being worn by the user.

Based on Microsoft SenseCam technology, Revue is a research tool aimed at medical researchers as an aid for people with memory loss.

Memento would have been a shit film if this had been around.

“F— those motherf—ers” – amazing legal filings from the YouTube Viacom case

  • Viacom quotes YouTube employee Maryrose Dunton telling an engineer to “‘forget about the email alerts stuff’ precisely because ‘I hate making it easier for these a-holes’ – referring to copyright owners – and ‘we’re just trying to cover our asses so we don’t get sued.'”
  • Viacom complains that YouTube employees “sneered at rights holders as ‘copyright bastards’ and ‘a-holes.'”
  • Google retorts that Viacom can’t complain about this language, and it quotes numerous Viacom execs to make its point. Sample outbursts include, “fuck you, you Google bastards,” “bastards at Google are harassing me,” and the eloquent “fuck those mother fuckers.”
  • A Viacom VP even complained about the “fucking assholes” at YouTube—because the company “enforced its repeat-infringer policy concerning a Viacom marketing account that had received multiple take-down notices from Viacom’s legal department.” The lulz, they are here in spades.
  • Viacom top brass wrote e-mails with more exclamation points than my niece would even consider decent. They also had what Google calls an “obsession” with buying YouTube.
  • Case in point: “I WANT TO OWN YOUTUBE. I think it’s critical, and if it goes to a competitor…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That was from MTV Networks head Judy McGrath.
  • Viacom CEO Tom Freston wrote, “If we get UTube… I wanna run it.” McGrath responded, “You’ll have to kill me to get to it first.”
  • Terrifying to see how expletive and !!!! ridden emails can come back to bit you on the arse. Mental Note: Must clean up my email act.

    If you want to read all the Google documents they’re all here: http://www.google.com/press/youtube_viacom_documents.html

    Noby Noby Boy defies everything

    I’ve had Noby Noby Boy on my iPhone for a while, but didn’t dip into it properly until hour 3 of a flight. I think I rejected it at first because I couldn’t get my head into it. Turns out that’s entirely the point.

    The more I play with it the more futile and wonderful it gets.

    Above you can see my MP3 playing robot crashing through a grid of photos while a second robot hides in the background, purple Noby Noby Boy squirms around doing his thing.

    The app feels slow and heavy at times, but it’s worth experiencing to see what can happen when you give convention the finger.

    Finally! A place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5

    Fiverr 2013 The place for people to share things they2019re willing to do for $5

    The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5. Seriously, you can pay people $5 and they do these things for you…


    Just a few examples from today’s front page:

    I will send 10,000 visitors to any website for $5
    I will sing, play and record a short jingle for $5
    I will create a screen print t-shirt design for you in Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator for $5
    I will send out Ad to my 13,000+ Followers about Your Business for $5
    I will answer your Canadian Immigration questions for 20 min… 20+ years working in Canadian Immigation for $5
    I will convert your baby into animal costume for $5
    I will design flash intros for your site for $5
    I will write 3 SEO friendly blogs for you on any topic of your choice for $5

    And my favourite:

    I will record anything in Norwegian for you for $5
    I am a sweet Norwegian girl who will record anything you wish (preferably clean) for two minutes … (by melonlove)
    (Note: only preferably)

    Is this the future of employment? Are all our skills going to be fragmented like this and sold piecemeal? We’ll be buying it all through iTunes you mark my words…

    via: http://www.netted.net/