The Collapse of Complex Business Models – Clay Shirky

The most watched minute of video made in the last five years shows baby Charlie biting his brother’s finger. (Twice!) That minute has been watched by more people than the viewership of American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and the Superbowl combined. (174 million views and counting.)

Great piece – also loving: “A world where that is the kind of thing that just happens from time to time is a world where complexity is neither an absolute requirement nor an automatic advantage”.

When geeks and artists get together cool stuff happens…

What if you got a massive cheer every time you posted to your blog? What if you made the size of the publish button equal to the awesomeness of the act of publishing? What if the number of subscribers your blog gets was humanized in some way?

Artist Evan Roth and WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg not only conceived of this crazy stuff, but actually built, implemented and rolled out these features in 24 hours (as ‘surprise me’ options in the hosted version of WordPress).

It’s amazing what happens when you put artists and geeks together.

Matt’s post on the new features.
Even’s take on the whole thing.

These guys were just one of the seven pairings at Rhizome’s 7on7 event last week.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about the event.

All the partnerships came up with really cool stuff, this was just a personal highlight.

Disclosure: W+K were a sponsor / supporter of the event – there’s more to come…

Walk for Babies

Me and Sophie and the girls are doing a sponsored walk this weekend. It’s called the March for Babies and it’s a big thing that’s taking place all over the US. It’s  raising money for research into premature birth and helping to save the lives of babies who are born too early:

Obviously it’s a cause that’s pretty close to our hearts. We’re some of the lucky ones though; a combination of good fortune and a wonderful hospital meant the girls managed to survive and thrive. Many others are not so blessed.
We’ve only just found out about the walk and we’re pretty late to the ‘money raising bit’ so would really appreciate some donations. Anything, big or small will help. And if you don’t feel like giving any money feel free to help by passing the link to our sponsorship page on to anyone you think might support the cause:
I know it’s not like I’m riding bareback across the polar ice caps. But walking 6 miles with 2 unpredictable babies has it’s own set of challenges.
Eleanor and Josie say thanks. (I know it’s a cheap shot, but it is for a good cause).

Webby Vote crisis, please help

Oh, arsecandles! This was bound to happen at some point. My old life and my new life have crashed together in a rather unfortunate fashion. And now it's like I'm standing in-between 2 dueling cowboys with their guns drawn and the only thing I can do is duck as the bullets speed towards me. Or stand there and get 2 holes drilled in me, one from either end.

It's Webby People's Voice voting time and Poke and W+K are both up for a bunch of things which is great. But unfortunately Bakertweet is now directly up against Nike Chalkbot. Both are damn fine projects and deserve to beat those annoying musical stairs that would really get on your tits if you had to walk past them every day ;-)

The disputed battleground is Online Guerrilla & Innovation – I feel like I'm going to have to go Swiss on the whole thing and abstain, even though I'm sure I'll get countless wedgies in my new workplace for my disloyalty. And I know the Poke guys are safely 1000s of miles away from being able to grab the elastic in the back of my shorts – but they'll be able to administer some kind of virtually-activated-remote-bum-pain if I swing the other way – I know them too well. Sorry everyone. And may the best persons win.

Aside from that little conundrum I'm whoring for votes for:

You have to register first before you can vote, which is an unavoidable headache.

Not quite sure what I can offer by means of bribes for votes, but willing to take suggestions…

What happens to all your valuable Tweets when you die? Now you can pass them on to your kids…

It sounds like a spoof. But it’s not. And it’s actually something that we need to start thinking about I guess. Via @mattonlymoore