What’s that tennis ball doing on that ad? I’m confused. Oh, I see what you’ve done…

I can't decide if I love this. I think I might. On the surface it's a bit shit. But lets face it Confused.com is a bit shit too. I think I love the fact that comparison websites have started fucking with our minds to become memorable – this and the meerkat both tap into odd psychological things.

We are the last generation who will laugh at jokes about floppies. So we must laugh heartily while we can.

There were NO STICKERS IN THE SLOT. I've never known guttedness like it.

Jaw Dropping & Mind Boggling – Die Antwoord – Zef Side (thanks @bitchbag)

There’s been so many spoofy hip hop things – but this is so far beyond the next level I got stuck. The Pink Floyd shorts are totally TDF.

See you next week…

Thanks to everyone for kind messages about weddings and moves and things like that – sorry I’m not getting back to anyone right now. I’m trying to stay offline and focussing on shiny shoes, table settings, speeches, monkey-butlers and things like that.

I’ll be back online early next week with details and stories…

Knee Deep – Cinekid 2009

Cute interactive installation. I like the fact it uses ‘stomp detection’ I think more things should feature stomp detection.

Read more at: http://www.theowatson.com/site_docs/work.php?id=47
and http://www.zanyparade.com/v8/projects.php?id=27

Oni Ayhun OAR003

How can you not love a record that describes itself on its website as:

Discover steep, rugged canyons, painted rock minarets, desert vistas framed by blooming wildflowers, soaring raptors and singing canyon wrens on the wildest remaining rivers. Join this amazing journey composed of quiet floating as well as exciting whitewater rapids. Search for birds including both the zone-tailed and gray hawk, elegant trogon, elf and whiskered screech owls, and eight species of hummingbird. Enjoy dazzling flower displays, and observe an astounding concentration of nesting raptors. Drink in spectacular canyon vistas. Watch elk, deer, bighorn sheep-and ranchers at work-in this rugged habitat. Enjoy the relaxed pace of a free-flowing river with few rapids, stunning scenery, interesting geology and rich natural history. Search for grizzly bear, wolf, awe-inspiring herds of migrating caribou, and arctic birds in full breeding plumage that travel thousands of miles to nest here. Through the foothills and across the coastal plain. Cruise the wild islands and coastlines. From Humboldt penguins to hundreds of macaws and parrots gathering daily at the world’s largest-known clay lick in the Amazon, you will encounter a plethora of bird species each day. Witness seabirds, walrus, sea otter, Arctic fox and bear-and ceremoniously cross the Arctic Circle. Impressive landscapes-from pristine coves and beaches to expansive tundra and soaring mountains-serve as photogenic backdrops to this remarkable adventure.

Total monster tune – a highlight from the Four Tet Essential Mix