Listening to LTJ BUKEM/ESSENTIAL MIX 1995 – it’s the best ever.

This is one of my favourite mixes ever. 2 hours of beautiful drum and bass – and perhaps some of the finest, most fitting MCing ever. And to complement that I think is probably my favourite use of a .biz domain ever.

Download here

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Amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg video – thanks @wylesy

This video for Heaven Can Wait is lovely, if very strange. Don’t do that thing of flicking through it to see if it’s any good before you watch it. YOU’LL RUIN IT. Just sit back, put it on fullscreen and watch.

I blogged about the curse of the fidget before – I know passively watching stuff is so un-web, but sometimes things deserve your full attention.

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I think I’ve just taken delivery of the best pencil ever…

It’s got a Kura Toga Engine in it! It’s got nano-diamonds in the lead. In fact it has 400 of the little bleeders in EACH LEAD! I’ve drawn a line with it, and yes, it leaves a fine pencilly mark.

For a much better review and explanation as to why the world of pencils has just changed FOREVER check out Dave’s Mechanical Pencils (the foremost authority on such things). And if you want to experience the future of mechanical pencil technology for yourself – you can buy them at for £5.60 – a tiny price to pay for such a marvel, surely?

Damn I’m such a sucker.

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Another Contender for Most Useless Ad Ever?

@twhume mentioned this ad in a comment on my blog – strangely enough I just happened to have taken a photo of that one too :-) You can tell its my photo by the shocking quality. In case you can’t read it, it says:

Advertisers can now send files to your mobile phone for free, via Bluetooth – [hooray!]
Ensure your Bluetooth is discoverable
Wait to be discovered
Accept (or reject the file)

I’m not sure it’s strictly useless, it does have an educational role to play. But it is a total hunk of shit.

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Coat AND Trousers

This morning I was lucky enough to pick up a discarded copy of The Sun. I always forget just what a joy it is to read. I have a perverse enjoyment of the odd images that it always manages to paint in my mind. Is Alex Reid wearing hooded trousers? I want to see hooded trousers. Or are they trying to draw my attention to the fact that the porn-star-jordan’s-ex-gender-bender-cage-fighter is wearing trousers and not a skirt?

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