Shit TV ads made interactive and put IN the internet – it’s the future…

I love the fact that a court sketch of a child representing¬†Broken Britain is gazing at this Vanish Ad in a contemptuous fashion, as if’s somehow to blame for everything. Which it probably is in a roundabout way.
By the way, I didn’t interact with it, it just sprayed the foam all on its own.

A Boar dancing on sauce made out of himself (or his family)

Picked up this postcard in Carluccios. I love the illustration and the type. But I always find it slightly odd when an animal looks so joyous about being made into food. Or then again maybe he’s waving that pan and spoon around in protest? it’s so hard to tell with the facial expression of boar. The illustrator is Christopher Brown, his work can be seen here.

LOLing at Dog Judo again…

OK full disclosure the guys at 12foot6 did send me a t-shirt to try and bribe me to mention Dog Judo. But I didn’t need bribing really. I’ve always thought it was really very funny. It proper tickles me so it does. I think the reason I’d not blogged it before is that you can’t embed videos :-( So you’ll have to click here to go and see the funny stuff.

Fact attack: 12foot6 are so-called because the combined heights of the two founders is… go on… have a guess…

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I Want Muscle March…

So what if it looks a bit homoerotic. As soon as I get the chance I’m checking the UK WiiWare site.

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Twitter / Over capacity

[So – this is my first fuckup with Posterous. I’ve just started to do one where I collect error messages. But I didn’t want to connect it to all of my other accounts. But it did. So I posted a thing everywhere that I wanted to go nowhere. And it was all going so well apart from that…]

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The brutal truth: no one actually clicks your stupid links!

I’ve done a quick survey to back this up, and 100% of almost 10 respondents admitted to having lied about this exact thing.

You know how it is, someone asks if you’ve seen THAT THING. And although you haven’t ACTUALLY seen it. You’re pretty sure you know exactly what it is. You understand the context. The URL gives part of the game away. You’ve seen how 20 people you know and trust react to it on Twitter. And you’re smart enough to join the gaps and probably fend off a bit of light questioning about the thing. So you confidently say, “oh yeah I’ve seen it”. Or slightly less confidently: “I think I’ve seen it”. Knowing that if they ask a question you can always back off a little bit and say – “oh, I’m not sure I saw that bit”. Or – “oh, that’s not the thing I was thinking of” it must be something a bit like it.

It got me wondering. Are we going to reach a point where we actually have to make anything anymore? Or can we just create a sense that it exists, and a feeling that it’s good, and ultimately manipulate people via social media to believe that they’ve seen it. Oh yeah it’s like that emperor chap and his new clothes.

I wish I was slightly darker and slightly more manipulative, there’s a really interesting experiment in there somewhere…

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