What do your mouse trails say about you?

What 3 hours of photoshop work looks like.

Fancy making your own? Well you can. The creator writes:

This is my java applet. You can take it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/684632/mousepath.exe.zip (PC) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/684632/mousepath.jar (Mac). Run it and leave in background. “S” – save image. “R

Notes on designing the Guardian iPhone app

2 points I found particularly worthy…

1. Getting the balance between native UI experience and Guardian brand (totally core to the success of this app IMHO)
2. The USP discussion (people are often obsessed with USP, when the answer could just be ‘great content, done well’).



Shit TV ads made interactive and put IN the internet – it’s the future…

I love the fact that a court sketch of a child representing¬†Broken Britain is gazing at this Vanish Ad in a contemptuous fashion, as if’s somehow to blame for everything. Which it probably is in a roundabout way.
By the way, I didn’t interact with it, it just sprayed the foam all on its own.

A Boar dancing on sauce made out of himself (or his family)

Picked up this postcard in Carluccios. I love the illustration and the type. But I always find it slightly odd when an animal looks so joyous about being made into food. Or then again maybe he’s waving that pan and spoon around in protest? it’s so hard to tell with the facial expression of boar. The illustrator is Christopher Brown, his work can be seen here.