Everyone Loves a Faaaaake!

For TGI Friday by the Viral Factory. Personally I’m a little bit over this kind of ‘amazing trick’ video. But screw me. I’m not the target audience for this video. And there’s one thing that the Viral Factory guys normally get right, it’s that the videos they make get people talking – this time it’s the fake vs. not fake banter on YouTube that’s priceless…

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

That’s a Cappuccino!


It’s Poke Hack Day. And we’re doing something that’s close to my heart. It’s about ending sub-standard cappuccino. Too often we get fobbed off with lattes in cappuccino’s clothing. Big, heavy, milky coffee. Made with burned milk. Basically a terrible drink and piss-poor start to the day.

We want people to respect the ‘golden ratio’ – 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, 1 part foam.

Part education and campaigning website. Part social tool – http://www.thatsacappuccino.com (not live yet) – will help to raise the cappuccino bar for all of us.

To start with, we’ve written an open letter to the UK’s major brewed coffee vendors:

  • Costa
  • Starbucks
  • Pret a Manger
  • Caffe Nero
  • Puccinos
  • JD Weatherspoon (who are responsible for 6% of the UK’s coffee sales)
  • And of course, The Wild Bean Cafe

We’re asking them to get on board with us and operationally ensure that they’re respecting the difference between a latte and a cappuccino.

Today’s preliminary investigation and interviews have unearthed a whole bunch of interesting stuff – like more than a few places that basically think a cappuccino is a latte with chocolate on top (and they’ve admitted to that on camera).

Do you know of any places that get the cappuccino perfectly right? Or criminally wrong. Please leave details below and we’ll make sure they feature in the beta of the app :-)


The Teens’ Speech

I’ve been very good at not using the blog to punt Poke projects recently. But here’s one I think it’s OK to flog. Not because I’ve been involved with it (I haven’t), but because it’s important. And not in a ‘driving sales of a big fat company’ kind of important. In a ‘doing something positive for teenagers’ way.

I’ve always thought Barnardo’s have done interesting stuff to counter the Feral Teen Hype that the media seems to love so dearly. The same Feral Teen Hype that makes me scared to leave my house in the evening. Of course there are some shitty teenagers out there. But we can’t damn them all. And if you take a minute to listen to some of their stories and their experiences maybe you’ll start to see the world though a slightly more teen-friendly lens. Andy has written a great piece about the Power of Listening over on his blog. Which I’m pretty sure will ring true for most of us.

I’ve not really explained what the project is yet. Basically Barnardo’s are giving young people the chance to speak up about their world, and this is being edited into a Teens’ Speech mini-doc that will be shown on Christmas day after lunch. It’s going to come to life online on the front page of MySpace.

Up until now the campaign has been about getting young people engaged and submitting their thoughts, so unless you’re young you may not have heard much about it. We’re now starting to edit the footage into the final documentary and trying to get older people (like me) to look at it too.

Visit http://www.theteensspeech.org.uk/

And just in case you think Barnardo’s are all about Childrens’ Homes (which they haven’t been for many years) here’s a short piece featuring the ways they’re helping young people turn their lives around today.

And if you’ve not seen their latest TV spot (by BBH) here it is. It’s rather good.

A Modern Mystery of the Internet

Why has Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Official Video – Klaas Vocal Edit) got nearly 67 million views on YouTube? Is there a global love for sax-trance no one told me about? Is JoshRolling the new RickRolling? Anyone have any ideas how and why this has happened? In my own small way I know I’m making it worse, but I’m pretty sure the traffic hasn’t come purely from idiots like me asking why it’s got a load of views.

Update: After some speculation in the comments by Emil that it’s the the fault of the Germans I remembered that you can (of course) click to look at the stats of YouTube videos and yes…

YouTube - Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Official Video - Klaas Vocal Edit)

Turns out it is partly the Germans’ fault. This video is THE MOST FAVOURITED OF ALL TIME in Germany. And the 11th ‘most favourited’ music video of all time globally.

And furthermore, according to Wikipedia:

In 2008, “Infinity” was re-released as “Infinity 2008”, which was remixed by the German DJ Klaas. It experienced widespread success, peaking at #1 on the Belgian, Dutch and French Singles Charts, Danish Singles Chart, Czech Airplay Chart and the Eurochart Hot 100.[4]

So it’s not just the Germans’ fault. It was a monster all across Europe – and in fact it only made it to number 4 in the German charts. I’m still not sure it answers my question about why it’s had so many views on YouTube (especially from Germany)? Any Germans out there shed any light on this? Was it the theme music for a Bavarian sitcom? Was it used on the German Match of the Day? Or do Germans particularly like videos featuring lacy pants and 2008 remixes of sax-solo-cheesy-rave numbers?

I demand to know!