Eames Chair on Daytime TV (in 1956)

Well perhaps it’s not strictly daytime TV, I’ve got no idea what time of day the Arlene Francis “Home” show was broadcast on NBC in 1956. I’m sure if I was a decent blogger I’d go and research such facts, but I’m loose like that…

Absolutely golden clips though…

And part 2:

Via the DWR blog.

I’m In Love With A Pouffe


I saw these when I was in the US earlier in the year. They’re pouffes made out of massive wool. You can see them on the DWR website. I liked them a lot, they look substantial yet cozy.

Today I stumbled across a picture of a woman making them. Now I love them.


Then as you do I stumbled across the website of the designer, Christien Meindertsma, and her awesome PIG 05049 project. Which then led me to her TEDxAmsterdam talk about the same project.

TEDxAmsterdam: Christien Meindertsma from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

It is possible to get hold of a copy of the book – PIG 05049 on Amazon
– but it’s coming in at £199 via Marketplace.

A Mix I Cranked Out For Christmas

This is not a mix featuring Christmassy tracks. It just so happens that I’ve got round to finishing it a week before Christmas. Also, they say that Christmas is a time for miracles, and the fact I’ve finished this at all is a miracle. Our two bundles of joy aren’t exactly mix-friendly, yet. It’s a bit all-over-the-place, but so am I.

Have a great Christmas and New Year! xxx


  1. Chrome’s On It (Gold Panda Remix) – Telepathe
  2. OK feat. Elif Bicer (Kenny Larkin Remix) – Ben Klock
  3. Leave It All Behind -Instra:mental
  4. Eastman – Move D
  5. Estrange – Shed
  6. Hazel (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Dixon Edit] – Junior Boys
  7. Dett – Plaid
  8. On (Mu-ziq Mix) – Aphex Twin
  9. School of Fish – Dreamfish (Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris)
  10. Us – Nosaj Thing
  11. Porcelain – ASC
  12. Skadi – Sub
  13. Hell Hath No Fury – Klute

You can download the mix from here in enhanced podcast format. This will give the best results on iPods and iTunes (you’ll get all the track names and artwork, etc.

If you don’t like iPods or iTunes and want a plain old MP3 you can get one of them from here.

And you should be able to get it through iTunes here once it’s been picked up by Apple.

Or here it is in fancy SoundCloud embedded format here:

Cranked Out For Christmas by  iainmixedit

Like I said before, have a good one.

Everyone Loves a Faaaaake!

For TGI Friday by the Viral Factory. Personally I’m a little bit over this kind of ‘amazing trick’ video. But screw me. I’m not the target audience for this video. And there’s one thing that the Viral Factory guys normally get right, it’s that the videos they make get people talking – this time it’s the fake vs. not fake banter on YouTube that’s priceless…

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

That’s a Cappuccino!


It’s Poke Hack Day. And we’re doing something that’s close to my heart. It’s about ending sub-standard cappuccino. Too often we get fobbed off with lattes in cappuccino’s clothing. Big, heavy, milky coffee. Made with burned milk. Basically a terrible drink and piss-poor start to the day.

We want people to respect the ‘golden ratio’ – 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, 1 part foam.

Part education and campaigning website. Part social tool – http://www.thatsacappuccino.com (not live yet) – will help to raise the cappuccino bar for all of us.

To start with, we’ve written an open letter to the UK’s major brewed coffee vendors:

  • Costa
  • Starbucks
  • Pret a Manger
  • Caffe Nero
  • Puccinos
  • JD Weatherspoon (who are responsible for 6% of the UK’s coffee sales)
  • And of course, The Wild Bean Cafe

We’re asking them to get on board with us and operationally ensure that they’re respecting the difference between a latte and a cappuccino.

Today’s preliminary investigation and interviews have unearthed a whole bunch of interesting stuff – like more than a few places that basically think a cappuccino is a latte with chocolate on top (and they’ve admitted to that on camera).

Do you know of any places that get the cappuccino perfectly right? Or criminally wrong. Please leave details below and we’ll make sure they feature in the beta of the app :-)