If SlideShare Was a Bloke

It’d get into loads of trouble with it’s missus:


Everyone knows you can’t say that you’re coming home in a bit. You need to set expectations. That’s the way it works.

It’s Not Just About a Lady In Pants

Previously when I asked about why the video for Guru Josh had trillions of views on YouTube lots of people hypothesised that it was down to a lady wearing pants in the video.

But the Guru pops up again as the 18th most listened to track of 2009 on Spotify! Link to track.

Top 100 Spotify tracks of 2009 - Spotify

A Lovely Wonderful Connected Infinite Distraction Machine


I just looked at what I was doing and realised that my work was actually all being done on bits of paper. And the computer was really just a big connected distraction machine. A lovely wonderful connected infinite distraction machine.

Maybe the distractions are helping with what’s on my bits of paper. But maybe not.

Ghostly’s Incredible 110 Albums of the Decade (Now With Spotify Link)

Ghostly's Favorite Albums of the Decade - Ghostly International Media

If I had a much better memory, and was much cooler, this is approximately how my 110 tracks of the decade would look too. It’s a bloody brilliant snapshot of slightly-intelligent-but-not-too-far-up-its-own-arse-electronic music from the noughties.

Read it here – Ghostly International’s Top 110.

Now where did I put that super intelligent page-scrape to Spotify application that I dreamed about…

spotify1.png (204?04)UPDATE: Oh fuck it, I went and made the playlist manually I was so inspired by the list. Spotify has a decent amount of these albums on there – surprising given the relative obscurity of a lot of it. Warp not being on there does leave quite a few holes though ;-)

2.7 days worth of incredible music – The Ghostly International 110 On Spotify – Happy Christmas!

I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 2 – Love

The guys at Love sent the most incredible Christmas gift today.

They’re a set of 12 mugs styled like an amazing modern version of the Willow Pattern, they show modern China, in china. They describe it much better than me:

Aaaah, Willow Pattern Mugs - How Nice

I wanted to keep them all, but that felt a bit mean, so I gave them to the first 12 people to come and claim one from my desk. Here’s some photos.

Bloody brilliant. Even the box was one of the greatest boxes I’ve ever had the pleasure to receive.

Sophie was a bit cross though, she wanted me to bring them home because they’re so nice. I’d buy another set if they were for sale, but it doesn’t look like they are – yet…

I’m A Very Lucky Man Part 1 – The Really Interesting Group

Last FM

I met with Ben yesterday morning and he gave me a lovely gift. A set of DataDecs – Christmas decorations based on my social media data. I can almost hear a global murmer of youwhats. But it’s a really simple and sweet idea…

A lovely gift from the Really Interesting Group

Here’s the shape of my 4 decorations printed inside the card.

The Card - Showing My Stats

The red decoration you can see at the top is my Last FM Scrobbling by month – seems like I’m getting up to speed again after a summer of not listening to so much music during babytime.

This blue decoration shows the apertures I’ve used when taking photos on Flickr:

Flickr Apertures

This shows how many miles Dopplr says I’ve travelled over the last 12 months.

Dopplr Trips - Whoops!

Or rather it shows that I’ve not been using Dopplr this year (sorry Dopplr guys!).

And the size of this snowman’s head shows how many followers I have on Twitter…

Twitter Followers

And here you can see how the shape of my baubles compares with other people’s…

A Key - Showing Where I Sit

My snowman’s head is looking proportionally OK. And I’m certainly proud of my varied use of camera apertures!

Thank you Really Interesting Group – that’s a really interesting Christmas gift.