Wheelbarrow Race Win

I’m breaking that rule about not posting videos with loads of views again – but this is one of those clips that even if you’ve seen it, watching it again will put a second smile on your face…

via: http://www.zefrank.com/

Holy Cow(‘s Milk) Batman

I was in the supermarket and this lost toy was sitting on the milk shelf. It looks like a setup. But it wasn’t.

Taken in July but only just found it on my camera.

Free Gift in 2009 WTF?

Aviva sent me this bit of junk mail yesterday. I was transfixed by the free gift. Look at it.

It’s a machine to store telephone numbers and appointments. It’s got an amazing (crystal clear) 3 line LCD display. It has a non-querty keybord PLUS a numeric keypad. My mind is all aboggle with what the FREE GIFT I’d get as a bonus mystery gift if I added partner cover.

Obviously I’m now insured with Aviva.

Breaking the Law With A Clarkson Beatbox

There’s some a law that says you’re not allowed to post any YouTube video that’s already been seen by more than quarter of a million people. I’m prepared to break that law, go to blog jail and get done in the showers for being a late-to-the-party-video-watcher for the sake of this excellent Clarkson clip from a few months ago.