Ten 80s Pop Videos Yooouuutuuubed

I’m so glad I found Yooouuutuuube. I’ve been wanting a thing that does what it does for ages.

What does it do? Well it creates an amazing animated grid out of the key frames from YouTube videos. It’s pretty 80s, but it’s cool – and you can get a really interesting flavour of the content just by looking at it. So I thought I’d capture a bunch of 80s pop videos to see what would happen.

I think they look lovely.

Cry by Godley and Cream

Godley and Cream - Cry

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Take On Me – A-Ha

A-Ha - Take On Me

Rio by Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Rio

Do You Really Wand to Hurt Me – Culture Club

Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

MC Hammer - can't touch this

Prince Charming – Adam and the Ants

Adam and the Ants - Prince Charming

And of course…

Rick Astley - Never Gonna GIve You Up

And they’re in a Flickr Set here.

Nice Nike ‘Ads’

Surely this James Jarvis film (supported by Nike) deserves more than the 50k views it’s had on YouTube?

[EDIT: I just spotted that it’s all about Vimeo for this one where it’s had 201k views]

It’s bloody lovely. And if you’ve ever run for more than a bus you’ll spot some genuinely insightful moments in there. The switch to night at about 3.45 is totally beautiful. And the soundtrack is superb.

Thank you Mr Featherstone for the tip off.

And while I’m doing some Nike loving I like this SB spot too.

It’s very crisp and very clean. But that’s what makes it feel so very west-side. And I’m pretty happy about the cameo at the end :-)

New Side Project ‘Random Vinyl’

Random Vinyl

I just set up a new Tumblr site today: http://randomvinyl.tumblr.com

Go vist, follow me. Whatever you do with Tumblr stuff.

I was chatting last night and someone asked what most of my records were. I couldn’t answer. I just said, um, well they’re pretty random. And that’s true. I’ve been picking up bits of vinyl for years on and off. And none of it gets played any more. So I thought it’d be interesting to do a Random Box Dipping Experiment…

Every few days I’m going to go and randomly dip into the random boxes of records in the loft and blog them. The rule is that I’m not allowed to censor or edit what comes out. If it’s a terrible bag of nonsense (and there’s a lot of that up there for sure) I’ll just have to deal with that.

I’m digitising them straight off the vinyl with all the pops and clicks and slurs, which I hope will add to the whole thing.

I’ve no idea how long I’ll keep it up for. But I’ve queued a load of stuff up and I’m having fun with it :-)


Pano – And More Awesome iPhone Photo Apps

Pano for iPhone

Pano – the panoramic photo maker for iPhone is great. I was pretty much hooked when I saw the image above on their website. That one image is such a brilliantly powerful and simple bit of design. And the app doesn’t disappoint. (OK it’s a tiny bit sluggish – but I’m trying not to forget that ‘everything is amazing‘).

Here’s a couple of shots I took yesterday – they’re far from perfect but I was taking them in bright sunlight so doing the joining on the iPhone screen was pretty tough. But that’s the fault of sunlight, glass, and my eyes not the application.

Marine Parade

And the Crazy Golf.

Adventure Golf, Madiera Drive, Brighton

There’s some incredible photo apps on the iPhone, some of my favourite gizmos are:

  • Camerabag is ace – it mimics a bunch of vintage toy cameras.
  • Photo FX – does a bunch of image processing thing (including crop and rotate which I find invaluable).
  • Quad Camera takes multiple shots in quick succession. A bit like this…


Everything Is Amazing

Last night I tweeted this.

Twitter Message about Technology

I can’t really remember why. I think it was because I’d found myself nodding along with of a bunch of sniping about the Apple announcements. People were moaning about the fact that not much happened. Some stuff got a bit better and a tiny video camera got added to the back of an MP3 player or something like that. Yeah, big deal.


In response @felixturner sent me a link to this wonderful clip: Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy. I think the original has probably had about 1 gazillion views on YouTube but I’ve never seen it before:

Youtube copyright banner

But thanks to the wonder of people – here it is in a UK friendly format! Yay!

He’s right you know. And that little iPod with a colour screen, video camera, radio, pedometer, etc. etc. etc. That’s serious witchcraft.

My dad refers to it all as ‘Alien Technology’ because for him it’s totally unfeasible that humans could have made such things. He could just about get his head around the phase of development between LED watches and the ZX Spectrum – he was actually a bit of an electronics tinkerer and OMNI magazine reader back when I was a kid. But when you show him something like an iPhone he is genuinely flabbergasted. He can’t comprehend the massive leap that’s happened between flashing LEDs and the crazy connected HD-quality computing firepower we have now.

I think we should all take a step back every now and again and let ourselves be a bit flabbergasted at what’ve done, and what we’re lucky enough to have at our disposal.

I had a bit of a moment a couple days ago, I suddenly realised that we were working on something that had just a whiff of the awesome infinite potential of technology. Obviously we were applying it to something really pointless. But it did make me stop and think for a second…

Super Lovely Bootlegs

Original compositions made with heavy borrowing from films. Nice stuff…
Looks and sounds a bit like LemonJelly meets Hextatic (or something like that).

EDIT: The third video wasn’t broken last night. But it is as of this morning [10.09.09] – I thought I ought to leave it in as an artifact of ‘the man’ exercising his right to shut stuff down. I wonder how long the others will last?

More on Faggotron’s YouTube channel.

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