Ham vs Spam

Akismet Stats 2039 crackunit.com 2014 WordPress

I use Akismet to stop comment spam on crackunit. As I was checking the spam stats (not something I do regularly, I’m not that sad, honestly) I noticed this link for Yummy Pie. When I see a link like ‘Yummy Pie’ in a boring stats section of an interface you can bet your life I’m going to click it.

And joy of joys I got the lovely Ham vs Spam chart above.

3 things to note here:

  1. Clever naming of interface tabs is a good thing
  2. Blog spam is a bad thing – and there’s lots of it
  3. I’d never heard the term ‘ham’ used like this – does admitting that make me a total n00b?

That is all.

EDIT: As Mike rightly points out in the comments. Smart-arsed naming of everything is not a good thing. Core site features should be called things that your audience will understand. But when it’s bonus things you can afford to be a bit playful. Yeah.

A Party Theory of Twitter in 20 Slides

Here’s my presentation from the Glug event last week. It’s not the smartest presentation in the world. But it had to work in 5 minutes, at night, in front of a couple of hundred drunk designers in a pub. So that might explain the slant I gave it…

I added some extra notes and hopefully it still makes a bit of sense without the presenter.

Sorry Nathan I had to do it. At the time I did explain that I love you and your blog ;-)

The actual thing had lots of video clips and whizzy bits, but I still can’t figure out a good quick way of getting ‘richer’ presentations online without spending a lot of time editing video. If anyone’s got any smart tips I’d love to hear them.

Hula Hoops DJ

About 18 months ago I posted this clip:

At the time I commented:

Nice inspiration for an ad. Anyone, anyone…

Then I saw this.

I like the new Hula Hoops ads. I think they work really well. they’re funny, silly and reflect a truth about the product – no matter how old you are you can’t help poking your fingers through them and feeling like a big kid :-)

I do always feel a bit odd about re-appropriation though. I try not to. Because you never really know the full story. But there’s an emotional bit of my brain that immediately feels a little twinge of injustice…