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There’s probably going to be a few irksome bugs over the next couple of days. But hope you like the new, cleaner version of Crackunit.

If you spot anything cripplingly bad please let me know. If you just spot some averagely bad things, that’s probably just the fault of my rubbishness.

Why I Fucking Hate Crispin Porter So Much

cpb_europe_logo_090611.pdf (1 page)

It’s pure jealousy, and fear.

I don’t love all their work. But I don’t love all my own work either.

In case you’re like me and don’t read the advertising press so much you might have missed out on the fact that CP&B bought a Swedish agency called Daddy. And if you’re not an agency person, you might not know much about Daddy. But I’ve come across them a few times recently. In fact I think they’re one of my favourite agencies in the world right now. They do great (sometimes brilliantly simple) digital work. Talk to the Plant is great. But my favourite thing is a really simple Facebook app that they did for Telia called Our Song (there’s a demo here – but try it out with your real friends on Facebook it’s awesome).

Anyway I digress. Daddy are a great agency.

So, back to my hating. Not only do CP&B do superb digital work like Whopper Sacrifice – one of my favourite things by a brand online full-stop. But as a ‘traditional’ (cough) advertising agency, Crispin decide to make their European creative hub an ex-‘digital’ (cough) agency.

How dare they.

And just to be super-clear, it’s not the fact that they’ve bought a digital agency. They wouldn’t be the first to do that. Not by a long shot. It’s the fact that they’ve made it their creative hub. Which, in words at least, means that they’re confident for creative ideas to start from that point.

There’s plenty of agencies out there talking about how they’re ‘putting digital at the heart of everything’, and some of them might fiddle with a bit of process, or make a token hiring here or there. But it’s bold business-focussed statements like this (combined with great work) that make Crispin the kind of foes I fear the most.

Nice work you bastards ;-)

The official release is here.


Poke have done some Augmented Reality stuff for Oasis. It ties in with the whole Rubberduckzilla campaign from Mother. Here’s the TV spot:

The guys took the Nipponophillic oddness of the ad and turned it into something that felt like it came from the same warped place. It’s a bunch of AR games that push the technology in a couple of interesting ways. Like allowing you to become RDZ and fire lasers out of your eyes, which is always a good place to start.

And here’s the latest ‘episode’ which is a special with The Sun. It replaces the front cover of the paper with an animated slice of destruction. Personally I like this bit of the campaign as it puts the ‘marker’ in peoples’ hands and doesn’t rely on printers and stuff.

Nice work Katie and Jason on the particularly ghetto demo ;-)

Visit to check it out. You will need to print out AR markers (or have a copy of yesterday’s Sun) to make it work, just a quick upfront warning.

I’m struggling a bit with the huge hype around AR stuff at the moment. I was all excited by the idea of it. But secretly I’m worried that Flo from Dare has permanently tainted my attitude to AR. A few months ago he said: “Augmented Reality is the Quicktime VR of 2009” – I have a feeling he might be right.

The Oasis stuff feels like a slightly silly way of delivering what is essentially a slightly silly message. It’s not trying to do anything more. Which is cool in my book.

I’m not as sure about this application of AR for USPS which was getting absolutely masses of Twitter love the other day.

People seemed to like the utility of it. And I admire its intent. But I’m not so sure it actually works. It feels more like an interesting step on the way to something better. I guess most of the AR stuff around at the moment feels like stepping stones more than anything solid in it’s own right. And I suppose taking steps somewhere is (almost always) better than standing still. Plus it does make the brand look cool and cyber (for a week or two).

Ultimate Warp Music Design Porn



It’s the realisation of the thing I blogged before. And it is very very lovely…

To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we will release a deluxe special-edition of music and art, titled Warp20 (Box Set).

The package features new songs, older previously unreleased material from Warp artists, tracks selected as some of his personal favorites by co-founder Steve Beckett and the top ten pieces voted for by Warp fans on It also includes a beautifully produced book showcasing the label’s rich design history, along with an exclusive hour-long mix and a locked-groove vinyl set.

Drool over it here. It’s crammed full of stuff for the princely sum of £85. You can pre-order it here.

It’ll be so sought after by muso-nerds you’ll be finding them on eBay for huge amounts of money in a few years. If you’re that kind of a horror. I notice that you can’t pre-order multiples. Which is a decent thing. I’ve ordered mine because it touches my geek-parts on so many levels. And it will never be sold.

FS me from FontSmith

I rarely blog about stuff that I get sent in the post, because most of it isn’t very inspiring. But this booklet that I got this morning worked for me on lots of levels…

Here’s why I liked it:

  1. It’s a lovely booklet
  2. They’ve developed a font (in concunction with Mencap) to be super accessible – which is a good thing
  3. In the lovely book I learned some stuff about why it’s super accessible – and some other things about type that I never knew before
  4. They make a donation to Mencap for every license of the font sold

Maybe if you’re actually a designer and not just someone who likes a bit of nice type now and again you wouldn’t be as impressed as me. But I thought this was v. good thing that I wanted to share.

Visit and check out FS me or a bunch of their other nice work too. Well done chaps.

The Graveyard

the Graveyard. A Tale of Tales.

You may have seen this – it got blogged about a lot last year. But if you haven’t downloaded it and played it through to the end you simply and absolutely must. I was talking to someone about it last night so I replayed it this morning and was re-inspired and re-moved by it.

It’s a big (26mb-ish) download. But worth every kilobyte. Go and investigate.

Thanks to Mike from Big Spaceship for showing it to me in the first place.

Don’t Settle for “Just Because”

Pirate Utopia

I went to the Goldsmiths Design Graduate show on Brick Lane yesterday lunchtime. It was pretty good. Well there were 2 or 3 things that I really liked. You can get to the website here:

One guy in particular stood out.

Liam Healy's Page From Goldsmiths Show

Liam Healy has done a bunch of projects that I really liked. From the brochure he says:

Liam Healy's Manifesto

Basically he’s the kid that when parents said “don’t do that”, he’d say “why?”. They’d say “just because”. Then he’d say “but why?”. And I don’t think he’s ever given up.

My favourite 2 of his machines are an experiment that jams a knife into a toaster to see if it can electrocute you – an early prototype here:


And a powertool that flicks a light switch on-and-off really really fast to see if it’s a bad thing. Here’s what happened when he took the ‘flickerer’ to his dad (the source of the original ‘myth’). Not only is it a great project, but the video’s bloody great too, apart from the volume levels :-(

And can eating Mentos and drinking Diet Coke at the same time kill you? I love the bit halfway through where one ‘pops back out’ – it’s LOLfunny.

Check his blog or Vimeo channel for more work – should you eat with a knife? Can you cook an egg with a mobile phone? Will a hairdryer in a bath kill you? Should you tap the top of a shaken up can?

It’s a bit like Junior Mythbusters, only there’s something more real and humble about it. I’m a fan.