Me, we, I. Our pet hate.

it's all about me me me

On the way to work this morning Sophie was reading my email out of the corner of her eye as she often does on the train (clients: do not be afeared I never let her spy on confidential things, I wait till she’s asleep or doing complicated make-up manoeuvres before I write ‘those’ emails). Anyway she noticed that I was using the word “we” in a way that she approved of. In a business context not a relationship one.

An interesting discussion followed about how we both really hate it when people do the whole. Me, my, I, mine thing when talking about the work that a team of people are doing. And how it’s so much nicer when someone uses words like we, our, ours and so on.

My personal pet hate – and it is mine not ours, actually, it might be ours, I need to check – is when people talk about ‘my team’ or even worse ‘my designers’ or even even worse ‘my account man’. Those people should be hung for intent to commit slavery.

Of course one is allowed to have a personal opinion or do stuff on their own, so sometimes ‘I think’, or ‘I’m going to sort this out today’ is totally appropriate.

This may appear a bit pedantic. But if you were on the receiving end of someone claiming that you’re ‘theirs’ you might feel different.

Anyway that’s what we think.

8 thoughts on “Me, we, I. Our pet hate.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Used to see emails to clients from our account teams saying I’ll get “my producer” to look at that. Errr, say what?

  2. mmm – “I’ll have my xyz look into that” is the written equivalent of chest beating – in other words “I acknowledge that you have some power over me as a client but I want to show you that I have power over others and will make them do this work. Ugg.”

  3. I agree! The worst bit is when someone from a creative team talks about “my art director” or “my copywriter”, makes someway that person seem more important.

    As a freelancer though I find it hard to write “we” that often as it may make me seem schizophrenic…

  4. Couldn't agree more. Used to see emails to clients from our account teams saying I'll get “my producer” to look at that. Errr, say what?

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