Etienne De Crecy’s Amazing Cubes

Not sure how I missed these. But they’re amazing.

The lovely chaps from Live Union came round to Poke yesterday to chat to us about live events. They showed us a bunch of great inspirational stuff. This was the thing that made me the most excited.

I want some.

And if you’re looking for help with putting on live stuff for brands they’re ace guys to speak to.

A Real-Life Chalk-Based Discussion Forum in Brighton

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Panorama

Spotted this the other day. It’s a big chalk thing on the prom in Brighton (click here for a full 6000px wide panorama where you can see all the details). It invites people to leave gossip on the pavement. It’s massive. And they supply chalk.

I thought it was a bit like a discussion forum. Then as I looked at the detail the thought solidified before my very eyes…

Here’s the instructions:

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Instructions

Some posts:

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Detail

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Detail

Here’s a threaded discussion developing (at the top) with a random OT post underneath:

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Threaded Discussion

And like in all good forums communities of shared opinion pop-up:

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - A Community Emerges

Then sure enough, the seeders, spammers and advertisers move in ;-)

Chalk Based Discussion Forum on Brighton Beach - Advertising

If the rain hasn’t washed it all away you can find it here.
View Chalk Gossip in a larger map

If You Like To Be Stretched With Guitars…


Vasco my favourite Portuguese nutjob from Poke is putting on a night at Cafe OTO in Dalston. Which according to the Observer Food Monthly is the 4th coolest place to eat in Britain. And according to the Observer Food Monthly it’s the coolest place in Britain according to Italian Vogue. With that many ‘coolest according to’ accolades you need to go there at some point. Hell, even I need to go there at some point.

Anyway he’s bringing over 2 of his favourite guitarists from Portugal for one night only.

Norberto Lobo

And Manuel Mota

Maneul is undoubtedly the more challenging of the two artists and has a much freer sense of how to play a guitar. But it’s the kind of thing that someone from The Wire would say something like this about:

the guitarist has quite simply created a world of his own

I love the fact that Vasco has dipped into his own pocket to put on a night of music that he loves. And he’s a nice guy so I’m getting behind it.

If you fancy going to see something different at the coolest place in Britain here’s the links you need:

Online booking:
Venue website: page:

Britain’s Got Problems

From an anthropological point of view you ought be able to judge the health of a nation by the culture it consumes. And when you look at the semi-finalists of Britain’s Got Talent it paints a rather strange and depressing picture.

I’m pretty sure that almost all the problems in British society can be tracked back to the simple fact that our culture exists in the freakish void between these two acts:

DJ Talent

And, Floral High Notes

I don’t think any further analysis is required.

Game Design and Life

Interesting piece in Wired that pushes two of my buttons:

  1. Games and scoring in everyday life
  2. Making email better and more strategic / thoughtful

There’s some similarities with this talk I did at Playful last year about scores.

I’m mega-pumped at the moment about injecting game rewards and strategy into everything. So I was excited when I spotted this piece about What GTA Can Teach Us About Connecting with Consumers yesterday. It’s almost 80 charts and it’s less about scoring and more about environment and interaction, but there’s some great stuff in there. I especially love the notion of ‘Embracing the Glitch’…

And Tim gets bonus points for mentioning Imogen Heap’s skill at opening up the process.

Thanks to PSFK for the link to the Wired article.

The Times Have Changed

I went to a WW2 day in Bletchley with Sophie, my Gran, my Mum and my Auntie. It was a nice day.

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and differences between that and other similar holiday weekends that I’ve had over the years. And those Twitter messages streaming in from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (#demf) weren’t helping much.

The queue for the party stretched round the block:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day

Security was tight, but just right:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - Home Guard

But the long arm of the law was never far away:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - The Fuzz

As usual the promoter was looking pretty pleased with himself:

Bletchley Park WW2 Day - The Business

People were totally loving it:

Lindyhop Spinner

And the dancefloor was totally going off:

Lindyhop Running Man

The DJ totally rocked it:

Come my selector

Like I said. Same same but very different ;-)

CinemaScope at BoxBird Gallery

Selection of Prints

I went to the lovely Boxbird Gallery and Studio in Hove on Sunday. They’ve got an amazing exhibition of lovely prints inspired by films. The exhibition is called CinemaScope and is well worth a visit. I think it’s only on for a few more days though.

They say:

The CinemaScope exhibition at Boxbird will showcase over 35 emerging and established illustrators and printmakers including ‘Lost Consonants’ creator Graham Rawle, celebrated illustrator Jon Burgerman, the ‘Modern Toss’ team and members of the critically acclaimed ‘Peepshow Illustration Collective’.

All the artworks will be inspired by 100 years of international cinema, with prints based on a massive variety of films including Shogun Assassin, The Goonies, A Fist Full of Dollars, Les Demoiselles De Rochefort and of course Star Wars.

Even when it’s over you can buy prints from their online shop though! Huzzah!

Here’s some of my favourites…

I'm Spartacus

That's no moon

Dawn of the Dead

Taxi Driver

There’s loads of others in different styles and they’re not silly prices. Nice things for the film lover in your life…