Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

At Flat White on Berwick Street Soho, London. A nice little coffee shop with a nice way of keeping the door shut.

You probably can’t make it out in the photo above. So here’s a detail shot:

Best Door Closing Mechanism Ever

They use a bunch of cups as a weight that pulls the door closed. It works and it looks nice. Genius.

If you want to go and see it. And drink a nice cup of coffee it’s here:

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February Mix Now Live

This latest mix was recorded when it was so cold in the loft that my fingers were numb. Hopefully it hasn’t led to it being a crock of crap.

Actually I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out. It’s quite chugging and if I had to pick another word, perhaps brooding. Deep and dark brain music…


  1. You Don’t Answer (When I Call) – Mr. White
  2. Bergwein – Efdemin
  3. Five Boroughs – Stefan Goldmann
  4. Moment – Damian Lazarus
  5. Appently So – Audiofly X
  6. Early Morning – Skatebard
  7. Aranda (Lawrence Mix) – Egoexpress
  8. Pink Flamingos – My My
  9. Colors – Gui Boratto
  10. Hold On – Holy Ghost!
  11. Sunrise – Yeasayer
  12. Sapphire – Zombi

You can download it through iTunes here. Woo!

If you like any of the tracks most of them can be purchased through Beatport or Boomkat. Both excellent vendors of electronic (and other) music.

Retro or Nutter?

This old school Sony Walkman was sitting on the train table in front of me this morning (with its original stickers still in tact). Without even looking up at the owner. Half of me thought: “woah, like, totally, retro, cool, man”. And the other half thought: “move seat, move seat, you are quite obviously sitting opposite a certifiable mentalist”.

One of life’s marvellous contradictions.

I Quite Like Mr Tweet

Mr. Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant for Twitter!

Mr Tweet calls itself a ‘personal networking assistant for Twitter’. So I immediatly thought it would be a bunch of arse. Then I used it and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s done a lot of the hard work of keeping my Twitter party rocking and helped me find a bunch of people I should (and shouldn’t be following).

THe way it does the stats is very good – you can get a really quick impression of how someone behaves on Twitter…

Mr. Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant for Twitter!

And here’s how I rate…

I’m pretty average it would seem – I kind of dispute the 28% links though. I’m sure it’s not that high. Unless I’m more boring than I thought.

It sends you an unbothersome direct tweet every 2 weeks with a link to an update which is quite nice. My only complaint, and it’s a teeny tiny minor niggle, is that they’re really pushing the whole ‘tell a friend’ thing in a way that feels a bit too desparate. It’s good so I blogged it without all that pushing. But who am I to judge.

Atom Installation

It’s from 2007, but I’ve just come across this lovely installation by Robert Henke of Monolake fame and Christopher Bauder. A massive matrix of illuminated balloons conrtolled by magic. Details of how and who here.

Beatiful image set on Flickr:

Love it. I came across it because the music has just been released as a download at Boomkat.