Amazing Fever Ray Video (with disabled Fidget Bar)

I’d rather be watching this on a massive screen with an amazing sound system. A 500px window and laptop speakers is a bit of an insult really.

When Fever Ray posted the video they disabled the play bar at the bottom which means you can’t skip through it. At first I was a bit like: “Uh, I want to skip forward damn you”. Then I thought: “I’ve become so bloody impatient, why don’t I just sit and watch it like I’m meant to”. And I was glad I did. Thank you for disabling the fidget bar.

Fever Ray is Karin Andersson from the Knife’s side project and the album is very good indeed. It’s available for download from Amazon now. Or the physical thing comes out in a couple of months.

The Manilow Punishment

Brilliant crime-fitting-punishment story in the LA Times…

So when teenagers land in front of him for blasting their car stereos or otherwise disturbing the peace in this small northern Colorado city, Sacco informs them that they will spend a Friday evening in his courtroom listening to music — of his choosing.

So what kind of thing do they get subjected to:

Young people in Fort Lupton know that if they’re caught, they’re in for a night that could begin with the “Barney” theme song, move on to an opera selection and end with Boy George’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.”


And does it work? Read the article to see some of the results. But it seems to be summed up in this quote from one young offender:

“If you see a cop car, turn your volume down,” said Gehrig, a convenience store clerk.

It’s not changed their behaviour fundamentally. But it works as a kind of deterrent. All they need to do is automate the whole thing: if you get busted (by the robot ears around town) your stereo automatically gets taken over for 24 hours by

Much better (and more fun) than ASBOs for sure.

Brilliant Dopplr Annual Report (Another PDF)

Picture 2

This is pure gold. I’m sure every blogger on Dopplr has considered posting something about their personal annual report. How could you not. It shows all the traveling you did last year and wraps it up in a nice, funny, quirky, and sort of useful fashion.

And perhaps most importantly it makes me feel remiss for my incompleteness. It makes me feel like I need to put all my trips in there so that next year my document will be perfect. It flicks a really interesting psychological switch. Bloody nice work.

And it helps to build on my theory that 2009 really is the year of the PDF.

Adobe – Nooooooooooooooo!

Just got this in my email from Adobe…

Inbox (41 messages, 6 unread)

Dear Adobe, you are a company that is supposed to understand design. You make wonderful software that lots of designers use. And then you go and do this. A plain text email would have been fine. A nicely formatted HTML email would have been OK too. But really. Seriously.

Using Comic Sans in an account termination warning email.

It can’t ever be right, can it?

A New Muslim Ad Network – Outside of My Regular Purview


The other day Michael sent me a link to this story.

Desedo are setting up an agency specifically to engage with the American-Muslim demographic. This is an ignored demo with $170 Billion of spending power. And in this recession, brands are aiming to engage ‘new’, niche consumers.

I wouldn’t normally have written about something like this. It’s a bit too thorny for me. On the one hand it sounds like a very smart (or hugely cynical) move. But on the other when I see McDonalds doing Eid ads like the one above I feel really really dirty.

From up here in my broadband-enabled-post-advertising ivory tower of judgementalism it feels like another cultural landscape about to be trampled by the marketing hoards. On a mission to try and extract cash from the smart people who haven’t got themselves up to their necks in cheap credit.

Nonetheless I’ve blogged it now. But for why you may ask? And I shall tell you for why. Because Michael used the word purview in his email.

Not totally your purview, but thought you might be keen to know about the first US advertising agency that will target the overlooked American-Muslim consumer and their $170B of spending power.

I ain’t never heard the word purview before.

It means:

  • The scope of the influence or concerns of something : such a case might be within the purview of the legislation.
  • A range of experience or thought : social taboos meant that little information was likely to come within the purview of women generally.

I shall now be using it often.

So here’s a tip for all you blogger-outreachers. Teach me a new brilliant word in context and I might be more likely to post your story. Or then again I might not.

Cut and Paste – Calling All Rockstar Designers


Cut and Paste is back in London.

On Saturday 4th April there’s going to be live, competitive designing going on. Designers get given a brief and a time limit and they have to ‘do’ design in front of a live audience.

Watching the video it reminds me of the whole turntableism scene. Turntablism isn’t like what DJs really do, and I don’t think this is really like what designers really do either. I’m guessing what wins out is a subset of showy skills designed to make people go “oooh…”. Doesn’t mean they’re not great designers either though.

I’d love to go and check out some extreme lasso action. But I’m not around that weekend.

There’s categories for 2d, 3d and motion. Check the Cut and Paste website for details

Life in Another Language

Just caught this on the TV. I had no idea what it was for, but it had an intriguing coolness about it. As I had my laptop on my knee I tried out the URL just to see…

Turns out it’s a pretty smart thing that C4 are doing to get youngsters interested in other languages. Once you get to the site the language stuff is quite knocked back. But there are some very cool little films in there (although they’re non-embeddable, doh!). Not sure how well it’s work, but s’quite nice.