My Talk From Playful in October

Here’s the talk I did at Playful on 31.10.08. It’s basically about the changing nature of scores in games and how scores are starting to infect everything.

Iain Tait – High Scores Talk at Playful London 31.10.08 from Iain Tait on Vimeo.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get it up online, but I had to get the video off the guys, and then it turned out to have been shot from a strange angle where you’ve got no idea what’s going on. So I did a bit of jiggery-pokery and combined the video with the Keynote presentation and synched it up as best I could. And the audio is a bit muffled, but hopefully you can make out what’s going on…

Augmented Xmas

I was determined not to post anything about anyone’s Christmas greeting things. But then the lovely buggers at Special Moves mailed me something that I couldn’t not share. I hate them, in a nice way.

Having got this, I kind of knew what was coming next…


And here’s the results:

Special Moves Augmented Reality Xmas Card from Iain Tait on Vimeo.

Nicely done. Good work chaps!

I can also recommend this post from Ori – Top 10 Milestones in Augmented Reality from 2008, another solid list of the cool stuff that you ought to know about from that field.

Advertising in ‘Making Things Look Better Than They Are’ Shocker!!!

This story is genius – thanks to Guy over on Think Demux for blogging it first (and sorry for the blatant re-post, but it’s too good not not share). He has some commentary around it.

Anyway, this DFS ad has been banned. Not because it’s a hunk of shit, but for other reasons…

The Daily Mail is the best place to read the story. Obviously.

Basically they shrunk the people in post production to make the sofas look bigger.

DFS were asked by the ASA to supply photographs of the sofas, together with dimensions, to prove their size.

However, the company said this was not possible as they had all been sold.

The firm did supply pictures of some of the sofas with people sitting on them, which were used in various print advertising. It said these were actual photographs and had not been manipulated.

However, it is not clear whether the actors used in these advertisements were small, which again would have suggested the furniture was bigger than it really was.


Before Trainspotting And Before Human Traffic

There was the mighty Weekender! An awesome extended rave chronicle / pop promo from back in 1992. I always thought Flowered Up were a little bit pony, but this makes up for every slightly lame track they ever put out.

I’m sure I’ve got this on VHS tape somewhere. Absolutely classic. Feels a wee bit cringeworthy and a tiny bit naive in spots, but overall pretty surprising how well it’s aged, considering.

Split into 2 parts because, at over 13 minutes, it’s too long for YouTube.