54 Million Views For A Ticking Noise

I’m sure most of you have seen this. But I saw it again the other day and was as tickled by it as I was the first time I saw it. Such a simple lovely little thing. And it’s got 54 million views and counting. That’s a lot of views. But I’m guessing it’s the kind of thing that the average nipper would probably watch over, and over, and over, again. Probably about 50 times each. Maybe that’s the secret of getting a top ranking YouTube clip. Kiddie-crack. Or at the very least something think about making things that stand up to repeated viewing.

Potter Puppet Pals, I salute you…

Pure genius

Hungry Horace Badge

Working at Poke is always entertaining. Someone made this badge and left it on my desk. I think it’s a gift. At least I hope it’s a gift and not some kind of warning about something…

Soma Subscriptions


I’ve been a fan of Soma Records for a long old time now. They’ve been doing quality deep techno-y house out of Glasgow for years. But I only found the Soma MP3 subscription service yesterday. Here’s the details…

A brand new subscription is now available with additional features and no fixed expiry date. With the subscription you now get:

  • Your choice of any 10 tracks from the available back catalogue – buy from one release or pick ‘n’ mix.
  • Every available new release for 6 months from signup in either MP3 or CD quality FLAC formats
  • Personalised podcast so you receive new releases as soon as they are available
  • Download high-res artwork

The MP3 subscription costs £18.99, less than the price of 2 CDs

I signed up yesterday and got my first EP this morning. I think it’s quite a nice way of getting music. And you feel like you’re connected directly to people who give a shit about the product. It’s not for everyone or everything, but it works for me and Soma.

The site could do with a bit of work though. It’s pretty tricky to do some stuff that should be easy.

Istanbul Roundup

A lit up shop in Istanbul

I had a great time in Istanbul. I was talking at the Digitalage conference which was good. I think it all went OK, as much as you can ever tell when you’re standing out front and faced with a room full of people…

Here’s some things I saw when I was there…

Yet another Fatboy Slim ‘Right Here Right Now’ pumped-up-isn’t-the-world-changing-rapidly conference sequence. Isn’t it about time someone found a new soundtrack for that kind of thing?

A couple of lovely lo-fi flashing neon chalkboards outside bars (these might be common everywhere in the world, but in my sheltered life I’d not seen them before).

We got taken to an amazing music venue that was hidden away behind a the kind of door where you wouldn’t expect anything good to be going on. I witnessed some awesome laptop music action. It was kind of like an ongoing techno karaoke session where people seemed to swap in and out of the lineup.

Club In Istanbul

Club In Istanbul

My favourite bit was this beats and trumpets section which was really very very good indeed (sorry for the bad sound and picture quality).

Then we went to another amazing venue called The Hall which was also great.

myspace.com - The Hall Istanbul

I have to thank Alemsah and Refik for their superb and generous hospitality. Without them we’d have found none of the good stuff and ended up in the Turkish Leicester Square staring at Burger King.

Alemsah the Dude

Refik - Our Other Guide to Istanbul

Thanks for everything Istanbul.

I’m in Istanbul

This photo isn’t supposed to represent Istanbul. It looks like a lovely city from what I’ve seen, it’s just something I can see out of my hotel window and I really liked it. For some reason I’m a big fan of diggers knocking the crap out of things whilst standing on top of them. (I’m sure an analyst would have a field day).

Anyway I’m here to talk at the Digital Age conference. I’m talking about Big Ideas this afternoon, and quite looking forward to it.

I’ve been debating whether or not to share this picture for a day or two. But I’ve decided that it’d be rude not to. When I got sent it I laughed out loud for a while. Then I thought. Oh crap, what have I / they done…


Oh well, it’s too late now.

I Love Minimalist Gmail

Picture 13

The new themes in Gmail are mainly ghastly. But I get a kind of perverse enjoyment out of doing my emails on something that looks like a wireframe. It’s strangely soothing.

Amazon – Surprise Me Detail

Sweet Detail

I love sweet details – and I like this on Amazon.com when you’re browsing inside a book it has a ‘surprise me’ link. It’s just like opening a book in a shop at a random page. Sweet.