10 Books I Heartily Recommend

Whilst trying to unblock blog block at the weekend I started thinking about the books that have been major influences in how I approach work stuff. And I was going to go back and start re-reading some of them to see if they’d kick-start any interesting thoughts.

Then I figured that I should share this list of books with people. Some of them are really well known and some of them are slightly culty books. Some people will know all of them. But I’m hoping that a few of you might find one or two new or interesting titles in the 10.

What amazed me was that you can get Being Digital for 7p on Amazon marketplace – at least you could when I first pulled the widget together. 7p for the book on Digital that started it all for me. It’s almost an insult.

And yes, if you click through from the above and buy stuff I’m using my Amazon referrer link so I’m selling you down the mucky river for a fast buck. If you’d rather not do that feel free to click this unsullied link to Amazon.co.uk and do the searching yourself – it won’t be any cheaper, but you’ll be denying my capitalist ass some filthy ill-gotten gains.

9 thoughts on “10 Books I Heartily Recommend”

  1. Made to Stick is the most amazing thing ever, it really did change my life for the better. I NEVER recommend or lend this book to anyone because I don’t want others to reap the benefits this book offers. If you could just remove it off your list that would be much appreciated.

  2. I’m happy to click on your affiliate link and let you have a tiny slice of Amazon’s margin on whatever I buy – but the link is unclickable for me, your html tags have been converted to &amp and the like.

  3. Thanks Kief – fixed it!

    And Andy, you might be right about the smugness. But I was young and naive when I first read it.

  4. All for Scott McCloud. Anything recent by Paul Gravett to go with it.

    And don’t know if you’ve seen Matt Madden’s 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style? That’s a book work every cent/ penny/ Euro/ whatever currency it is that Amazon referral uses to pay you so handsomely.

  5. Weirdness. My missus gave me that book as a birthday present last year. On 11 November. Four days after you blogged.

    You been to the Cartoon Museum on Little Russell St? It’s like walking around in 99 Ways.

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