Father Ted Read My Blog!


Well that’s not strictly true. But I was looking at my stats when I noticed some unfamiliar activity…

Map Overlay - Google Analytics

That’s not strictly true either. But I did get some traffic from this lovely blog http://whythatsdelightful.wordpress.com/ which is written by Graham Linehan which was a name that I recognised. And it of course because he’s the writer of Father Ted and the IT Crowd amongst other things.

It’s an inbound link that made me feel cool. Maybe that’s a bit sad. But it’s true.

Graham’s blog is nice and has lots of funny stuff in it (as you might expect). It’s where I found this…

Strange Photographic Co-Incidence

I hadn’t noticed that the sign in this photo said “Dress Code?” on it in big letters when I took it. But oddly it ended up right next to this…

Miyagi's Dress Code

It’s the totally bonkers dress code from Miyagi’s in LA. No Plain Tshirts – holy fuck! And what’s wrong with velour. My grandma used to buy me velour tops and she was no gangsta.

Are the proximity of these photos merely a co-incidence, or had I been hypnotised in some kind of freaky David Blaine / Derren Brown photographic experiment? I feel abused.

What I’m Feeling About Webby Connect


It’s interesting. But through the sessions it’s becoming very clear that it’s a world of 2 halves.

One half is people who believe that it’s just business as normal. Everything conforms to the old rules in the end. It’s all about talent, content, films and monetization through advertising. And things like fragmentation are just are just an irksome inconvenience than can be sorted out later using old-school big money hammers. There’s glimpses of new thinking. But rightly or wrongly there’s lots of clinging to old stuff too.


Photo 8

The other world is made up of designers, inventors and entrepreneurs. People who love making things. Guys who understand online culture and user experience. They value simplicity, focus, single mindedness and more often than not have built something for themselves that it turns out (and I don’t think by accident) other people love too.


And then there’s the anomalies. Guys like the New York Times who you’d expect to be in the first group, but quite brilliantly exist fairly firmly in the second.

I’m not saying that one or other of the groups is necessarily right or wrong. They can both be right and do their thing. But one costs less, is more fun and feels like the spot where ‘real’ creativity is occurring.

I’m talking tomorrow. Eek.

On My Way To LA


Only airports have such odd novelty decorative power outlets…

I’m on my way to LA to take part in the Webby Connect Conference and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you’re in the area or going to the conference drop me a line…

Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be able to go to the Glug event on Thursday Night. I’ve never actually been to one yet, and it’s their 7th time. But I like the guys who run it, and I like their strapline: “More Notworking then Networking”.

Glug London | Notworking2122

If you fancy popping along for a drink and to meet a bunch of creative types who’ll probably be drinking too, then get all the details over here. Or on Facebook. And while you’re there check out their Xmas challenge – there’s some nice prizes to be won…

The Taxi Driver’s Question

cab 666

I just lazily took a cab ride from the other side of town back home (and it wasn’t the taxi of the beast as pictured above – that was the first picture I found on Flickr). Anyway…

The cab driver was a chatty and charming young guy. He asked me what I did. I tried to explain, wriggling hard not to fall back on the easy (but commonly understood) ‘web design’ answer. We were chatting around it. Then, just as I’d paid him a fiver, he dropped an awesome question:

do you need knowledge or imagination to do what you do?

I feebly answered ‘a bit of both’.

What a brilliantly insightful question. And one that I’m going to ponder a bit.

Vintage Pole Position Advert – Playful Conference

I’m sure this has been featured a few places, but it is pretty awesome. I came across it whilst trawling around for various game-related things. Reason is…


I’m really looking forward to it. Not because I’m speaking, but because there’s a whole load of great speakers lined up. Plus I’m quite excited about the Electroplankton Orchestra playing together again

Get tickets here, it’s only £25 and it looks well good.

Reusing not Recycling


Just realised I posted a dumb comment over on Ben’s blog. He’d blogged about how we should re-use our Amazon boxes and how it’d be better than recycling.

I commented about how I’d cleverly thought of re-using some Innocent pots the other day. Not realising that Innocent would have course suggested this on their packaging. Doh!

Innocent Pots Re-use ideas

You could almost hate them sometimes couldn’t you?

The pots are quite tasty by the way.

On The Hunt For a Technical Director

Picture 2

Anyone know any brilliant technical director types who’d be up for working at Poke? Our Igor is leaving to go to a super job at the Guardian. Being an agency and doing work for ‘the man’ we can hardly persuade him against going to work for the leading voice of the liberals.

He will be sadly missed. But the ‘Gor must be replaced…

So if you know anyone who’d be able to lead and inspire one of the most brilliant teams of enthusiastic and talented developers I’ve ever come across, punt them over here. I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to what they should know technically, but if they’d would be able to conceive of how to do something like the Orange Balloon Race and make it work, they’re the kind of person we might be looking for. Our technology set is most things excluding .net and the Microsoft side of life.

You’ll need to demonstrate having run quality teams of developers as well as being able to solve technical problems with style and flair.

We’re quite a way down the road with a couple of interesting looking people so get in touch sooner rather than later. Email me direct. You ought to be able to guess my email address: my name is iain, and my domain name is crackunit.com – if you join the two things together using the standard symbol used in such addresses you’ll be pretty close.