Musical Madness – Kidda – Under The Sun Remix

Sorry, I know it’s been a few musicy posts in a row. But I had to share this. It’s perhaps the most bonkers track I’ve heard recently. It’s hard to describe its genre, it’s basically like speeded up funk / soul, meets happy hardcore, meets electro-house, whatever it’s just totally out there. I’m sure if I had a heart condition it’d do me no good at all. Don’t miss the slurring pianos at the end, it’s all very messy.

If you’ve not had enough, they’ve got the MP3 at

You might also recognise the track because an edit of the original was used in this Bacardi ad.

I’ve got a couple of older Kidda records on Catskills and I’m a big fan.

An Amazing Animated Gif Video

Absolutely incredible – also from It’s just one long scrolling scene made up of thousands of animated gifs. I quite like the song too, it’s jolly.

Whoops, almost forgot the track is by The Sea and Cake and it’s called “Coconut”.

Bomb the Bass Butterfingers Video

I love this completely and utterly.

The track is amazing and the video is wonderfully simple…

It’s Butterfingers by Bomb the Bass (featuring Fujiya & Miyagi). There’s a high quality quicktime version here with much better audio.

I Hate Online Ads

When they do this kind of thing:

taroyamano2019s Library 2013

It’s not the ads fault really I guess. But when an ad stops you from doing what you want to do you’ve got to dislike it a bit.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

Edit: Popup store has popped-down.This store now appears to be closed. So don’t make a special trip to see it.

If you’re in the Shoreditch area there’s a nice temporary pop-up Nike store just opposite Market Sports on Bateman’s Row.

It’s open:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

There’s a big concrete AirMax shoe outside:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

And inside there’s limited edition shoes and clothes made by Nike all in a swanky sport-themed interior. It’s a pretty nice thing.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

It’s here, in case you want directions…

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Universities Are Hot On Google Adwords

I logged into my Gmail and picked up a message about a D&AD education thing I’m speaking at in September. And I suddenly noticed that I was surrounded by ads for clearing places at various Universities.

Google Mail - Filming confirmation for D&AD Xchange -

I don’t know why I was surprised. Of course Universities understand online marketing.

10 Things I Love About

I said I was going to write a megapost on Here it is.

Here’s what Blip say you get out of it on their homepage: | What are you listening to?

And so far it’s really working for me.

If you like the sound of it join up here:

It’s not perfect. The more I’ve played with it the more I’ve noticed little things that could be improved (I’ve listed them at the bottom). But you can tell the guys are working on constantly improving the app. And they’re taking user feedback splendidly well. Which is my first big tick.

10 Things I Love About can be read below (I’ve had to put it on another page or people’s mouse-wheels would wear out on the homepage).

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