Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

Edit: Popup store has popped-down.This store now appears to be closed. So don’t make a special trip to see it.

If you’re in the Shoreditch area there’s a nice temporary pop-up Nike store just opposite Market Sports on Bateman’s Row.

It’s open:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

There’s a big concrete AirMax shoe outside:

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

And inside there’s limited edition shoes and clothes made by Nike all in a swanky sport-themed interior. It’s a pretty nice thing.

Nike 1948 Popup Store in London

It’s here, in case you want directions…

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10 Things I Love About

I said I was going to write a megapost on Here it is.

Here’s what Blip say you get out of it on their homepage: | What are you listening to?

And so far it’s really working for me.

If you like the sound of it join up here:

It’s not perfect. The more I’ve played with it the more I’ve noticed little things that could be improved (I’ve listed them at the bottom). But you can tell the guys are working on constantly improving the app. And they’re taking user feedback splendidly well. Which is my first big tick.

10 Things I Love About can be read below (I’ve had to put it on another page or people’s mouse-wheels would wear out on the homepage).

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Amazing Geo-Flickr on iPhone

Photos near me

I just installed Exposure on my iPhone. It’s a great Flickr app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s got an amazing ‘near me’ feature. Using GPS it locates you and finds geo-tagged photos nearby.

I fired it up and almost fell off my chair when I saw a photo of the neighbours’ cat marked as 15.5m away. That’s pretty damn impressive.

Lovely Web Art – Harm van den Dorpel

White Rectangle - Harm van den Dorpel, 2008

From the beautiful White Rectangle to the strangely captivating Ping Pong this guy has got some really lovely animations and web art in his portfolio. You won’t get it without seeing his styles of animation. You need to go and have a bit of a dig around his work and see it in motion: Harm van den Dorpel

I’m really in love with Codec Breeze (a series of pieces that use a weird and subtle animated effect that I think has been generated just using different levels of compression in parts of the image).

Ping Pong  -  Harm van den Dorpel, 2005

Capital One – Doing A Good Flickr Thing Very Badly

This is a shame.

Capital One did a really cool thing. Or at least it looks like they could have done if they hadn’t banked it up.

I noticed on Flickr that I could make a Capital One card. I thought that sounds interesting. It’s probably only the US, but I want to take a look.

Here’s the link:

Welcome to Flickr!

So I click the link, and get here…

Capital One

Here’s what’s wrong:

They say:

Capital One

Which sounds really rubbish. I don’t want that. I want something that’s a bit interesting, or a bit exciting, or just a bit, different. I’ve come from Flickr. You know I like photos and stuff. Maybe even show me what one of these cards looks like…

Perhaps the answer is somewhere on the page. My eyes are being drawn to the card in the top left of the screen. Then they start to burn…

Capital One

Now I don’t know about you. But most of the people I know do not have photos like that in Flickr. Unless they’re collecting photos of the most vile bank friendly stock art on the planet. And anyone who’d choose an image like that to be ‘distinctly them’ would be no friend of mine.

And then I notice that is says:

Capital One

How on earth is that going to work. They’ll send me the card. I go back to the website and:

  • They send someone round to paint my card for me?
  • Or maybe they’ve got a wireless printing thing?
  • Or maybe it’s a sticker?
  • Or maybe they send me 2 cards?

I’ve got no idea. I’m now really confused. And the happy people at the top of the page are making me feel inadequate. There’s only one thing to click on…

Capital One

I’m hoping that I’ll get to see some nice credit cards, just to reassure me that I’m in the right place and I haven’t just dreamed the last 2 clicks of my life…

Credit Cards - Compare Credit Card Offers at

Oh knackers. I’ve been tricked into the belly of the beast, again! is F**king Awesome | Personal Radar | Page 1 of 9

I’ve fallen deeply in love with a web application. I’m going to write a mega-post on why I think that is the greatest thing in the known universe. But I don’t have time just now.

It’s like the best bits of, twitter, and muxtape all rolled into one. And it plays nicely with all the web stuff it ought to.

There’s a couple of areas that could be slightly tighter IMHO, but then that’s always the case isn’t it. And if you have got a suggestion they’ve got a brilliant way of capturing that too.

Suffice to say, get over there, give it a go and join in:

Lovely Becks Art Beer Bottles

When packaging just works. I couldn’t resist them in the shop. They just stood out a mile.

I went in to buy 2 beers. And when I saw these I’d have bought all the designs they had. But they only had 3…

I don’t even feel like a sucker. Much.

Still not quite as good as the old Tennents cans though. I’ve got vivid memories of my grandpa drinking these in Scotland wearing a cracking Rab C. Nesbit style vest…

Tennents Lager Lovelies