Amazing Geo-Flickr on iPhone

Photos near me

I just installed Exposure on my iPhone. It’s a great Flickr app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s got an amazing ‘near me’ feature. Using GPS it locates you and finds geo-tagged photos nearby.

I fired it up and almost fell off my chair when I saw a photo of the neighbours’ cat marked as 15.5m away. That’s pretty damn impressive.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Geo-Flickr on iPhone”

  1. That looks great indeed. Have you tried Locly on your iPhone yet? I just love it. It doesn’t only show you Flickr pics from nearby but Wikipedia entries, bars, hotels, cafes, pubs, ATMs, events and a lot more.
    The iPhone plus these location based services just make it the total Anti-Boredom Machine :)

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