July Mix From The Loft


It’s been a little while since I climbed the ladder into the loft to put some more tracks into a mix. But that’s what I did at the weekend. And here’s the result.

I struggle with genres these days and when I go ‘up there’ to do a mix I tend to have an imaginary audience, place or time of day in my head. Then I try to do a mix that might work in that situation I’ve invented. I don’t know if that’s something that other people do, but it really helps me to focus and direct what I’m playing.

This mix was made for a made-up electronic radio station in San Francisco to be broadcast at 1am on a Saturday in July. It’ll never reach them and it’ll never get played there. But you can pretend it came from there if it helps.

Here’s the tracklist.

  1. Japan – Plastician
  2. Some Way Through This (Plastician and Skream Remix) – Black Ghosts
  3. Wide Road (Soulteks Morning Dub) – I:
  4. Pferd (The Mole’s Lost in The Woods Remix) – Pole
  5. Durch Die Nocht (Geiger Mix) – Dorau/Kohncke
  6. Revox (Deadset Chase the Dragon Remix) – Tim Green
  7. La Conga – Riva Starr
  8. Cornflake Boy (Solomun Dub Remix) – Marbert Rocel
  9. Butta (Original Mix) – Sassomatic
  10. Morphine (Frencesco Diaz Young Rebels Mix) – John Dahlback
  11. The Move To The Sun (Edit) – Serafin
  12. Classic Reality (Original Mix) – Jay Shepheard
  13. Smile and Receive (Apparat Mix) – Swayzak

EDIT: DivShare is down for maintenance. So I’ve stuck it on Rapidshare instead:

Download here: July Mix from The Loft

You can play it here:

Or if you want to take it away for your iPod you can download it below (you can’t just right click and save as, you have to visit DivShare to get it):

July Mix From the Loft 2008 (left click to download)

As usual most tracks are from Boomkat and Beatport – if you like any of the tracks in the mix please buy the originals and support the artists. Thank you. Message over.

A $5 Laser Show – OMG OMG OMG!

I love lasers and music. I just do. So I almost wet myself when I saw this great video of a $5 laser show:

Full instructions on how to make your own are here.

Or Dr Altman will take you through all the necessary steps right here:

Perhaps the best thing is the discovery (in the comments here) is that all you really need to do is mount a tiny mirror on your speaker cone and point the laser at it to get a sound activated laser working like a dream.

Guess who’s heading to eBay to buy lasers…

Making Art With Microsoft Office


It’s kind of ironic that the only Microsoft tool that has an ‘art’ mode is Word. Who could miss its amazing ‘Word Art’ feature – if you’ve never played with it, go into the ‘insert’ menu and choose ‘picture’, then in the picture menu choose ‘word art’.

You’ll then be presented with the palette of artistic dreams…

WordArt Gallery

It really is just like art. Almost.

Excel on the other hand doesn’t have an ‘art’ mode. But Danielle Aubert has been making art with it. And I like it.

There’s lots more on the site: http://www.danielleaubert.com/

And of course there’s Powerpoint.

If you’ve not seen David Byrne’s forays into Powerpoint Art, it’s worth a look. There’s more about it in Wired Magazine here.

What’s my point? Well I guess something about the fact that people find their own interesting ways of using tools. And just because you call something something doesn’t mean that it is. Or something like that.

Unknown Track – Unknown Artist

My iTunes just served me up a track called unknown by unknown. Lord knows how that got there ;-)

Trouble is, I really really like it. And it sounds like it could be from today, or it could be from any time in the last 25 years. It’s a kind of big spacey synthy disco number. I can’t help but think of Morgan Geist, Daniel Wang, Moroder and Metro Area. But I’ve got absolutely no idea where to start. I tried Shazam, but no joy.

This is my attempt to invoke the hive mind of muso-trainspotters. Come on then. What is it…?

Dark PayPal Diamond Phishing

I got sent this yesterday:

Inbox (5 messages, 2 unread)

Man those guys are evil. Of course I’d want to dispute a payment of $420 for a purchase of diamonds that I didn’t make. Ones that are being sent to someone I don’t know.

If I didn’t work in the business I’m sure I’d have been suckered by one of these things by now. Evil evil people.

It’s a Kind Of Bally Foamy Thing

Further proof that all ads are rapidly tending towards a point of absolute singularity…

By Publicis for Orange Slovakia as far as I can make out. Via Space Invaders.