It’s a Kind Of Bally Foamy Thing

Further proof that all ads are rapidly tending towards a point of absolute singularity…

By Publicis for Orange Slovakia as far as I can make out. Via Space Invaders.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Kind Of Bally Foamy Thing”

  1. When you say ‘singularity’ do you mean sameness? It seems to me this is either homage or pillage of the Sony Balls/bubbles ad – and that’s before even thinking about the flakey, feel-good genre, contemporary huggy hippyness.

    Does entropy apply to advertising as well as thermodynamics?

  2. i don´t like criticizing like this. but i didn´t get it. and while i was watching trying to get i felt the comm was understimating people. the shots with people laughing, “shoveling” the “snow”. too far from away from hope.

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