All Comments Are Not Created Equal


Sometimes blog posts just write themselves.

Today I got two comments that obviously resulted from smart, online-aware people seeing what’s been written about a topic on the web. One of them is fantastic. The other one terrible.

The fantastic one is from Shlom at Boomkat – he picked up on my post about Boomkat’s new 14 tracks offering. He thanked me for the post and replied to some criticism in the comments. His reply is perfect in every way. It even manages to slip in some salesy stuff about how they’ve now got bulk pricing. But I don’t begrudge him that in the slightest. It’s in direct reference to one of my points. Read his comment here.

The bad one is in response to my post about Mental Detox. Alberto writes about how a certain detox place in Thailand is excellent, and how it helped him give up smoking. It also says:

Thank you for all the detox info, it is inspiring

Which is nice. But it’s horribly clear (to me) that he’s just done a search on detox and gone and spammed a bunch of blogs – you can see that’s the case by the fact that the comment has just been replicated in its entirety here.

That’s naughty. Alberto shame on you.

Shlom, nice to have you here, thanks for popping by.

Love’s Powerpoint Website


I’m gutted. But impressed. And glad.

Love have made their new website in Powerpoint:

I’m gutted because I’ve been whanging on about doing a website in PowerPoint for the last couple of years. But impressed because I couldn’t figure out how to do it, or to be arsed with the task of actually getting it done. And I’m glad it’s the Love guys who did it, because i like them.

I’m especially loving their use of the standard PPT sound effects. Brilliant.

And thanks to Jono for posting a comment about the site, nice one.

EDIT: By the way I’m not saying that I think it’s a good way to build a site, or even that I like the site as it is, I think it’s an intereresting thing though making a site in Powerpoint – it gives it talkability even if you don’t like it…

Lovely Sandwich Photos

I was playing with Flickr Storm and I stumbled on these brilliant lunchbox shots. Taking lunch to work is apparently the thing to do now the credit crunch is biting. I hope that reduced budgets don’t lead to reduced creativity in the land of crazy lunches.

Grouchy Bf bento

Aquarium Bento, top view

Jaws bento 1

frog closeup

Custom QR Velcro Patches


There was quite a bit of interest in the Facebook QR Code T-Shirt that I featured a while ago. So I figured this velcro QR code patch might be of interest too.

Each patch is a unique QR code that you, the purchaser of said patch, has complete control over. You can basically link it to whatever URL you like. Could be your blog, an RSS feed, a Facebook hookup, a Flickr gallery, anything you can think of really.

As they rightly say on the site:

Why, alpha-nerd bonding, of course.

Yours for just $19.99.

Plus, they gave me a handy link to a QR code reader for the iPhone. Hooray, now I can play at mobile geek too.

Via: Notcot

Hitchcockian Copyright Message

It’s rare you see a creative interpretation of an anti-piracy message. I felt that this was one of them…


The text alignment is superb around the finger.

Powerful Tools In The Hands of Idiots – Part 1: After Effects

I’ve just started messing around with Adobe After Effects. You might wonder why. I sort of wonder why too.

Thing is I’ve been working with Keynote recently and getting a bit inspired at how it can do cool stuff with video. Then it dawned on me that by blurring the lines between video and presentation using something like After Effects maybe I could do some really cool stuff. You know, disguising a lack of substance using style.

It might just be a waste of time. But I’m sort of enjoying it.

After a couple of hours of playing around and watching a few online tutorials I realised just how powerful After Effects is. Even in the hands of a total imbecile.

This (very badly done) floating head was executed in about 30 minutes (once I’d got to grips with some basics). If you know anything about this kind of thing you’ll spot how shoddy it is. But in my defence I’ve got bad lighting, a severe case of impatience and very little skill:

Once I’d done that I realised that I had to do the thing that everyone does when they get a shot at After Effects. MAKE A LIGHT SABER!!! Star Wars kid here we come…

But I decided I’d try sticking it up my nose instead:

Obviously it needs sound effects and it’s very short because my impatience kicked in again…

I wasn’t going to share these videos because they’re not very good.

But then I figured that perhaps it’s good to share the fact that it’s easy to have a go at this kind of thing. And actually it is possible to teach yourself new, seemingly very complicated things, quite quickly – albeit to a fairly rudimentary standard.

I’m thinking that modern software is really rather excellent.