Sony – When Good CRM Goes Bad

I understand the colour bit. And glad to see they still spell it properly (with a u) in Polish. But other than that I can’t see why Sony would send me this unless it’s some kind of strange ARG…

More Balloonacy

There’s been some really good comments about the Orange Balloon Race. Including a couple of people mentioning some issues with explanations and UI on the site. We’ve made a bunch of improvements and hopefully iit’s getting better all the time…

It’s great to see the balloon widget working so nicely (see below). Thanks to the Gigya widget platform you can get support for your balloon on loads of different types of sites.

When the site goes live this widget will show your progress – where you are in the race – and allow friends to give you a boost. All good stuff.

It’s all getting really exciting. I can’t wait for the main thing to go live. In testing it’s all looking pretty spiffy. I hope people like it…

The Orange Balloon Race –

Here’s the start of another major thing that we’ve been working on for Orange for a while now…

Registration is now open for the first Balloon Race Across the Internet.


Basically we’re going to set off loads of balloons across the Internet. The one that goes the furthest in 7 days wins – and the prize is a £20,000 VIP trip to Ibiza including everything that you and 7 friends could hope for, ever. That’s it in a nutshell.

Oh and there’s all kinds of stars and bonus doo-dahs along the way – collect 5 stars and win stuff. Hit rainbows and get warped into the future and all that kind of thing. You know, like they do in games and stuff.

Sign up for the race

Visit the site now and get a balloon. Then when the race starts in 3 weeks you’ll be right up the front. Well you’ll be in the race anyway.

My lovely camel shaped balloon can be found here…

Be part of the race course

The course is made up of sites that have agreed to be part of the racecourse, or are about to agree to be part of the racecourse. That’s right folks. If you’ve got a blog or a website you can add it to the race by simply adding a small snippet of widgety code to your site. You can visit the site to sign up, but if you’re impatient and really want to add your site you can bust straight there using this URL:

What’s in it for sites that take part? Well in hard terms it’ll drive traffic to your site. There’s going to be people visiting your site to see their balloons pass over it. And if the race passes over an interesting page people might just stop by to have a look. In softer terms it might just be a bit of fun.

Let Balloonacy commence.

FHM Go Beatboxing – So Nearly Brilliant

A guy from FHM learns to beatbox. Then enters the UK Beatbox Championships. The video is really nice, fun and kind of educational.

“Buh, keh, buh, keh, ts, ts. I’m getting it. I’m really getting it…”

The clip above is basically a teaser for the 2nd clip (hosted on FHM – so they get the ad revenue). Which should work really well – after the 1st clip I really wanted to find out how he gets on at the championships.

Problem is they missed a trick – in the video above they don’t give the URL of the 2nd clip or even tell you that it exists. Which means when it’s embedded, like above, you don’t get the message. It’s only if you view it on YouTube that you find the link to the other clip (it’s in the info about the video).

When you’re doing distributed stuff, never forget the importance of clear signposts.