Stencil Reply To Bad Tagging

your tag is shit

I wish I’d had that stencil when our house got done. Or maybe it just escalates the whole thing in a spiral of paint-based aggro. (Spotted on Rivington Street in Shoreditch).

Twitter On The Shitter?

What Are You Doing

It’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Do people send Tweets when they’re in perhaps, shall we say, more compromising positions. I did a straw poll around a table yesterday and got a very mixed response. I’m not saying where I sit on the issue, I think it’s a personal matter and in individual cases I’d rather not know.

But in the interests of science I’m going to open up a poll and see what the world thinks. Sorry there isn’t an option to say ‘I don’t use Twitter, I think it sucks’ – that’s a different poll…

[poll id=”1″]

Contact Juggling As I Believe It’s Called

I normally find this kind of thing a bit sort-of cringe inducing. But this guy is absolutely phenomenal.

I also quite liked this clip of a bunch of glass-ball nerds just mucking around and having a jolly good time.

UPDATE: I started to ponder why I find this kind of thing a bit cringey, then I found this clip and I remembered exactly why. Oooohya.

The Last Ever Clubpub Mix

Some people might know about ClubPub, a lot of you won’t. Basically it was a very irregular night that the Poke people have been organising over the last 5 years. It all started out with us just renting out a pub on Wednesday nights and turning them into a sort of club. Lashings of smoke and lazers can turn any pub into a banging nitespot ;-)

Anyway after 5 years we decided to call it a day. The last couple of nights felt a bit tired and lacking in direction so we thought we should have a massive blowout to kill it off rather than letting it die a long drawn out fight for life. That’s what we did on Wednesday.

Crank (the Poke band) made their stunning debut (causing massive crowd chaos as seen above). The legendary AcidMalc (a clubpup favourite) played a storming set. And Dickon and Vasco both took the decks for a spin.

I had the honour of playing the last set. Which was really fun. Apart from the venue decided to close almost an hour earlier than we’d agreed (apparently they weren’t taking enough money at the end of the night – I think people had drunk enough quite frankly).

Here’s an extended version of the set I played (this is what it would have been if I hadn’t been cut short).

Obviously sounds better after many pints of lager ;-)

Direct Download Link (114Mb)

  1. Shhake it – Diplo
  2. Hard to Beat (Axwell Mix) – HardFi
  3. Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Mix) – Depeche Mode
  4. Body Language – Booka Shade
  5. Rez – Underworld
  6. Higher State of Conciousness – Josh Wink
  7. Brimfull of Asha (Les Ryhthm Digitales Mix) –
  8. In My Arms (Tocadisco Mix) – Mylo
  9. Trash (South Central Mix) – The Whip
  10. D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price Mix) – Justice
  11. Sound of da Police – KRS1
  12. Gold Digger (High Contrast Mix) – Kanye West
  13. Let’s Dance – Hi Tack
  14. Push the Feeling (Robby Rivera Ibiza Mix) – Nightcrawlers
  15. Just a Groove – Mighty Dub Kats
  16. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
  17. Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) – New Order
  18. I Feel Love (Danny Howell Mix) – Donna Summer
  19. Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix) – Mory Kante
  20. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit – Claude Von Stroke
  21. Waterfall (Unknown Mix) – Atlantic Ocean
  22. Don’t Go (Dirty Freek Mix) – Awesome 3
  23. Hideaway (Young Punx Mix) – De’Lacy
  24. I’ve Got The Music In Me – Kiki Dee
  25. On A Ragga Tip – SL2
  26. I Should Be So Good For You – Dennis Waterman

Red Bull Music Academy – Brilliant

I’ve not really looked into the Red Bull Music Academy stuff before.


There’s some brilliant video lectures and an awesome podcast. It’s like TED for cool music.

The lectures are full of heroic musical dudes from bunch of different genres. Tony Allen, Ron Trent, Arthur Baker, Prins Thomas, Dereck May, Superpitcher, Jazzanova, Radioslave, Recloose, Greg Wilson, Daniel Wang, Maurice Fulton, Alex Smoke, Kode 9, Mu-ziq, Mathew Jonson, Peter Hook, Dixon, Danny Krivit, Ewan Pearson and more.

Red Bull seem to be a brand that nails this kind of thing again and again. Nice one.

Brighton low tide cycle ride

An early morning bike ride along the beach at low tide on August 3rd. Sounds like fun.

I’m a bit scared by the ‘clothing optional’ bit though. But the photos of last year on Flickr don’t have too many naked people in them (phew).

And if any Brightonians are reading this some of us are meeting up for pseudo-Likemind beers at the Basketmakers tonight (Thursday 29th) from 7ish.

A Guide to Spot the Bull 2

I’m not going to stop pushing Spot the Bull until everyone in the world has visited the site.