If I Was 17 Again

If I was much younger I'd be well into the whole Rock/Rave thing. Or at least I think I would.

I kind of like it but I think my ears are too old. It's a bit like that mosquito thing that only teens can hear. I like moments of it in short bursts but it's too noisy for my delicate eardrums.

The music and the fashion borrows stuff from a load of other things I like. But it feels like it's managed to become a new thing in its own right. And that's important for 17 year olds right?

I shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere near it. It's their time now. And I'm not going to spoil it for them by pretending to be into it. But if I was 'into it' I'd like this:

And I’d quite like these guys too:

4 thoughts on “If I Was 17 Again”

  1. I think you’re allowed to be into what you want aren’t you? Anyway it’s just New Order with better samplers and noisier guitars right?

  2. Hi Iain, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that Bruce and Danny from The Whip are actually 31. Not sure if they let many people know that.

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