Typographic Synthesizer – So Good It’s Magic!

You know sometimes when you see something so amazing that you almost forget to breathe while you’re looking at it. Well I’m just about finished hyperventilating after the end of this video.

The guys at Meek.fm have created something that creates an incredible relationship between typography, sound and a control surface. You can tweak type using knobs, and the sound is generated by the form of the letters. It’s nuts. Totally nuts.

I also love the modesty of the video, the fact it ends with an almost slightly unsure: “OK, that’s it. Thanks”. If I was wearing a hat I’d take it off to these guys.

Pre-YouTube Silly Moments In Techno

I should probably start a separate category in the blog for this stuff. It just seems to keep on coming…

I loved this clip for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a bunch of cheeky young ravers from Edinburgh. I would have been living there at the time and I’m pretty familiar with their ilk.

But the best thing about the clip is that it’s from a time way before YouTube. These guys were playing to the camera for no other reason than just mucking about. The only outlet for this stuff used to be You’ve Been Framed, and I don’t think they were going for that…

Thirdly it’s been recorded on Betamax which means there’s a load of ‘non-digital artefacts’ in the clip. The tracking being slightly off in places, moments of tape slur and more.

If you get bored jump through it, there’s new characters, new styles and so much more to see…


Sometimes I can see how and why spam ends up being a jumble of nonsense. They’re trying to fool spam filters in obscure ways. But this one I just look at and scratch my head. A lot.

It’s just like a soup of words.

Dear Pokelondon Account Manager,

We are Synch1 – Australian immigration consultancy www.synch1.com and we are very interested to have the best SEO and SEM services for our website and company ( organic traffic boost / best landing pages for affiliates and PPC / PPC management etc etc ……………)

Best way would be to contact me via email ( as I am on a long business trip in Asia
OR also SKYPE id : synch1 for TEXT CHAT


Google Talk id : [email protected]

Want to make and have to make a fast decision on the matter and start ASAP
Please contact me ASAP

Currently, on GMT + 7 Time Zone ( Asia for a while until back to Australia soon ) but online at various times so you can coordinate via email or see when I am online on the SKYPE or Google Talk.

Looking forward to catching up soon and moving on

What are they trying to sell? Immigration services or search engine optimisation? Last time I looked they were quite different businesses…

Half of me wants to Skype them and find out. There’s no way I can get charged for Skype or Gtalk so all it can cost is a waste of time. But I guess it’s only encouraging them. But I don’t know what I’d be encouraging them in…

Pissing Contests

I seem to be witnessing more and more intellectual pissing competitions these days. And it’s not just in planner-land, although that’s where I’ve witnessed some of the ‘best’ ones. I’ve seen a few good technical ones, and even designers seem to be getting in on the act.

So how do you spot when the transition between conversation/discussion and pissing match occurs? Typically the conversation will start to move from being a group thing to being dominated by 2/3 members of the group. These people will become the players.

One the players have been established they take it in turns to metaphorically piss higher up the wall than each other. Most of the games I’ve witnessed have been about rather esoteric matters. I guess there’s no fun in facts.

Pissing competition tips:

  1. As a player you might get be having fun. And it’s fine to play with friends in private. But in public it’s not a great thing to be seen doing. It makes you look like a tit.
  2. If you accidentally get drawn into a match, make your best shot fast and early. If you don’t slay the opposition with your first or second go, realise that they’re involved in a war of attrition and retire to a safe distance to minimise splashback.
  3. Games can span multiple meetings – sometimes you’ll have to endure the same players spraying again and again. If possible try to move their ‘game’ into their own separate environment.
  4. Ultimately everyone ends up covered in urine (even innocent bystanders).

Or maybe I’m imagining it all.

Anyone else got any thoughts on Intellectual Pissings? (If I ever make an album I think I might call it Intellectual Pissings, I quite like it).

Image from Geoff (not sure what the etiquette is about using images from Picassa pubic galleries – hope he doesn’t mind).