Loving Love

I popped in to see the chaps at Love in Manchester today. I don’t normally just turn up in strange towns and nip round to see people, but I got nice email from them yesterday as I was on the train (completely out of the blue), so it felt like fate was trying to tell me something.

So I went and met them. And what a lovely bunch of guys they are. With a fab office space. I even bumped into Matt who’s a sometime Poke freelancer which was a nice surprise too.

They gave me a book when I left. I’ve been looking at it. And I’m quite jealous. They’ve got a really amazing body of work behind them and when you look at what they’ve got going on it’s really impressive. Check their blog at: http://blog.lovecreative.com/

I really like the tone of voice they use in the book. Here’s one of my favourite bits (hope they don’t mind me using it):

I’m not adverse to a bit of swearing. But I always think there’s a bit of a risk using it in commercial things. But I’m OK with the use of ‘What a bastard’ at the end there. But oddly only if it’s spoken with a northern accent.

If you pronounce it b’ah-st’ah-d it just sounds odd. But b’ass-tard sounds just perfect to my ears. (Sorry my phonetic notation is crap, but hopefully you get me).

Perhaps its something that I’m particularly sensitive to being as I seem to see-saw on the way I pronounce bath, path and grass. One minute I’m all b’ah-th, p’ah-th and gr’ah-ss the next I go proper North. The curse of growing up in the midlands I guess.

The Omelette Bomb

My trip to Manchester was made awesome by witnessing ‘The Omelette Bomb’ – a piece of extreme Teppanyaki showboating the likes of which I’ve never seen before…

Thank goodness I had my camera with me…

A Postcard From Manchester

I’m in Manchester doing some work.

It’s good for me to get back to ‘the north’ from time to time. Last time I was actually in Manchester everyone had really baggy jeans (like 28-inch bottoms), Madchester t-shirts and curtain haircuts. I was glad, and not surprised, that times have changed.

I’m always amazed at how many people haven’t really ever been to ‘the north’ – there’s a few in the group that I’m with. Sorry to northerners for the use of inverted commas around ‘the north’, but that what it sounds like when the virgins say it.

Do You Want to Do Digital?

Scamp asks the $6m question:

Most above-the-line creatives claim that most digital creative work is poor, and they will be able to do it much better, when they’re asked to. However, my question to above-the-line people is… do you actually want to?

Did you come into this business to sell, by any channel necessary?

Or did you come into it to make ‘films’, and quite frankly you’d rather someone else took care of the banners, just like they take care of the DM?

Head over to his blog and vote now!

EDIT: just to clarify, this poll is ONLY for people who aren’t already in some way digital. As Scamp rightly points out in the comments it’s not a poll for us digital types – I haven’t voted and neither should you if you’re already in the biz.

Be really interesting to see how it pans out…

Pownce Errors

I’m not convinced that I need Pownce (yet), but I did like their error message:

I wonder if they’ve got clearance for the image use?

if you’ve got a web business these days you need to have a great error page. I bet most brand consultancies haven’t cottoned on to this yet. Next time I see a branding presentation I’m going to raise it…

The Dangers of Change

The world’s gone mad. Since when has giving change been a security issue? I could understand that giving change might be a pain in the arse for people working in shops. But to escalate it to this seems bonkers.

I love the fact that ‘Security Reasons’ has been capitalised too. Makes it all the more believable. It’s especially painful when you need 30p for the loos opposite (3x10p or 20p and a 10p – quite obscure change combos in my pockets).

But I guess if we keep loose coins out of the hands of terrorists we’ll all be much safer. Unless the terrorists are customers of Costa, in which case it’s OK for them to have change…?

(From the Costa Coffee at Manchester Piccadilly Station).

Brighton Got Wood

It appears that the wood from the sunken ship has made it down the cost to Brighton. It’s nowhere near as impressive as it looks in Worthing, but it’s not bad.

It’s nice to see how much fun people can have with a bit of wood. But there are some splinter warnings out…