Animation That Freaked My Groove

This guy Cyriak lives in Brighton. I’m not sure I’d like to meet him…

He has got some crazy skills going on though, kind of like B3ta meets Chris Cunningham.

And if that doesn’t scare you.

Check this:

And to prove that it’s not all scary and dark, this made me chuckle:

I like a lot.

Vectorizer – WOW!

Check out VectorMagic it’s a fantastic online vectorization tool (I’m not sure why but I like vectorization better with a z than an s – I’m sure I’m not allowed to choose willy nilly like that, but this time I’m just going to).

Basically what it does is take a photo, like so:


And vectorizes is, thusly:


You can set the levels and things online and then download the file to use as you want. Very slick online app.

Thanks Xplane Blog

WWF Paper Boat on the Telly

WWF boat floats

It floats!!!

Very excited to see the WWF paper boat floating around covered in signatures on the telly last night.

Firstly on the BBC News:

Then on Newsnight:

There’s lots of reasons why we decided that a piece of purely online activity wasn’t right for this campaign. This shows that at least one of those reasons was valid ;-)

And don’t forget to go here and show your support for a stronger climate change bill – it’s important!


One of the best TV show titles I’ve seen in days. 24h Booze Britain: Boozageddon?

Someone was telling me that because we live in a world where most of us use EPGs to navigate the TV channels titles are becoming ever more important. I guess it’s a bit like the TV equivalent of writing for RSS feeds…