Mini – Lunchbreak Moonwalking

Mini Moonwalk

Yesterday I blogged about – Mini’s really nice lunchtime learning sessions.

I managed to get along to the ‘Learn to Moonwalk’ session and it was great!

Sorry about the rubbish quality – my phone video camera just isn’t good enough…

A free lunch and a thoroughly entertaining lesson in the moonwalk – I’m still not an expert, but I’ve got the knowledge and the building blocks ;-)

Thanks Mini and everyone involved (Faris tells me that it’s Momentum who are responsible).

And get this: I blogged about it because I really liked it and experienced it. Not because anyone asked me to.

Sony’s RecYou

There’s been mutterings of around for a few days.

It’s a very slick Japanese flash site for Sony Walkman. It’s quite hard to navigate your way through it, I managed by trial and error rather than a knowledge of Japanese. Basically you can upload a photo and it animates you in time with music. Your animated head can then be used / displayed in various ways.

Here’s my RecYou head:

My RecYou Head from iaintait on Vimeo.

Scary huh?!?

It was made from this photo (just this one photo, no other information at all – that’s the amazing bit):

my photo

Pretty damn impressive technology and the site’s got some very slick presentation. I can’t really comment on whether I think it works from a communications perspective because of the language and culture gap. Here’s a video showing what they’re doing in terms of guerrilla projections.

That music really does my head in though…

My suspicion is that it’ll win a few awards for it’s craft and technical wowness.

Web 3.0 Doesn’t Sound Like Much Fun

I wasn’t going to post this as it’s not all that enlightening. It’s from a few months ago and is Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) talking about web 3.0 as a bunch of lightweight free distributable micro applications / services. Which is all very well, but he doesn’t make it sound all that sexy.

The reason I posted the clip is out of sheer hatred for the journalist who asks the question.

“Easy question. What is web 3.0”
“We know what 2.0 is”

He’s such a tool.

But thankfully in the YouTube comments Atomgott brings the debate right back to reality

I dont care what they call it. As long as the amount of porn on the interwebs keeps growing.

This Brought A Tear To My Eye

The Great Escape by Patrick Watson.

I was listening to the stunning To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra and thought I should find out more about Mr Watson (who guests on the track) and it led me to this clip.

Simply beautiful.

Mini – Learn in Your Lunchbreak

mini lunchbreak

I love this a lot.

Mini are putting on a bunch of lunchbreak experiences. Where you can learn something new in a lunchtime.

learn bruce lee

The list of things that are up there at the moment are:

  • Bruce Lee for beginners
  • Beat a lie detector
  • Be a spy
  • Deal with meeting your partner’s parents for the first time
  • Man/Woman school – the things your parents should have taught you
  • Talking your way into a will

And my personal favourite – Learn to Moonwalk! Which I think is on tomorrow, but details are being kept quiet. I read in a magazine that the session is being run by MJ’s choreographer. I’m going to do my damndest to get a place, I’ve always wanted to master the art of the moonwalk. Hell I’ll even buy a Mini if they can guarantee me ultimate skills.

Anyone know who did this? It’s great! I’d like to shake them by the hand.

Investing in Content


Jib Jab – US peddlers of funny animations and stuff (my description not theirs) have just raised another $3m in funding from VCs – in total they’re reported to have raised $6m.

Read/Write Web have more on the story. I found myself nodding at this bit:

While this was supposed to be the beginning of the era of user generated video – the reality shaking out is more complicated than that. Specifically, advertisers are just not comfortable with the brand risk inherent in user generated content. That is changing slowly and it may continue to over time – but there’s likely to be a huge market for shops like JibJab long into the future. Likewise, video tools are now commodities and it’s all about the content you’ve got in your video service. Professional content is good, professional humor is great, say investors.

One thing worth noting about Jib Jab though is that they’re not a video production shop. If you look deeper into what they do there’s quite a lot of interactive innovation in there too. Don’t forget about making things interactive. Just porting a load of short form video-making skills online is only going to take you so far (in my humble opinion). Oh, and they’ve been very savvy in terms of getting commercial sponsorships and stuff as well.

Urban Youth Past and Present

Back in the day urban culture used to look so much more friendly…

These days it’s so much more serious and less fun:

The first lot are still hanging round in a little gang. But they look like nice boys, maybe even a little camp. They’ve got no hoods and their music is much more jolly.

Aaah the good old days ;-)