How Much For An Ad On A Bus in Google Street View?

If you’ve not seen it yet Street View in Google Maps is amazing. Lifehacker reports that it’s now in 15 US cities (and it’s coming soon to the UK judging by the fact that we saw a Google cam car driving round London the other day).


I’ve you’ve not mucked around with it, get on a map of NY or Chicago and have a play with Street View. It’s almost more impressive than Google Earth.

While I was playing I came across this:


And wondered what’s the value of a bus side inside Google maps? It’s lot more appealing to me than the Coke Zero ads in the UK ;-)

One thought on “How Much For An Ad On A Bus in Google Street View?”

  1. Wow, that is impressive.

    No agency/client has really mastered Google as a media channel, have they? I really liked those BA Google Earth ads, but someone clever could go a lot further. And do it in a nice way too.

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