Cliff Does a Radiohead

From The Times today – link to online version of the story.


So Cliff is taking 1p off the price of his new album for every person that pre-orders (down to a minimum of £3.99) – the starting price is £7.99. Do the simple math and you realise that it’s only going to take 400 people to get there. But as the article says that’d be twice as many people as bought the last album direct!

Oh My God!

Like any good Mac Geek I upgraded to the new version of OS X (Leopard) at the weekend. And its very nice. A painless experience and there’s literally zero learning curve. But at the same time I keep finding new little things that are better than they were before. And I’ve had to read any instructions or manuals at all.

It’s really a very good upgrade experience.

But then I checked my mail and saw this:

Screengrab (millions of emails)

Luckily it was only a momentary display glitch and I’ve only got a fraction of that many mails.

Mini – Lunchbreak Moonwalking

Mini Moonwalk

Yesterday I blogged about – Mini’s really nice lunchtime learning sessions.

I managed to get along to the ‘Learn to Moonwalk’ session and it was great!

Sorry about the rubbish quality – my phone video camera just isn’t good enough…

A free lunch and a thoroughly entertaining lesson in the moonwalk – I’m still not an expert, but I’ve got the knowledge and the building blocks ;-)

Thanks Mini and everyone involved (Faris tells me that it’s Momentum who are responsible).

And get this: I blogged about it because I really liked it and experienced it. Not because anyone asked me to.

Sony’s RecYou

There’s been mutterings of around for a few days.

It’s a very slick Japanese flash site for Sony Walkman. It’s quite hard to navigate your way through it, I managed by trial and error rather than a knowledge of Japanese. Basically you can upload a photo and it animates you in time with music. Your animated head can then be used / displayed in various ways.

Here’s my RecYou head:

My RecYou Head from iaintait on Vimeo.

Scary huh?!?

It was made from this photo (just this one photo, no other information at all – that’s the amazing bit):

my photo

Pretty damn impressive technology and the site’s got some very slick presentation. I can’t really comment on whether I think it works from a communications perspective because of the language and culture gap. Here’s a video showing what they’re doing in terms of guerrilla projections.

That music really does my head in though…

My suspicion is that it’ll win a few awards for it’s craft and technical wowness.

Web 3.0 Doesn’t Sound Like Much Fun

I wasn’t going to post this as it’s not all that enlightening. It’s from a few months ago and is Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) talking about web 3.0 as a bunch of lightweight free distributable micro applications / services. Which is all very well, but he doesn’t make it sound all that sexy.

The reason I posted the clip is out of sheer hatred for the journalist who asks the question.

“Easy question. What is web 3.0”
“We know what 2.0 is”

He’s such a tool.

But thankfully in the YouTube comments Atomgott brings the debate right back to reality

I dont care what they call it. As long as the amount of porn on the interwebs keeps growing.