Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Penguin have re-covered a load of their books in the lovely ‘classic’ style covers. I was particularly inspired by ‘The World According to Clarkson’ re-badged as essays.

Cliff Does a Radiohead

From The Times today – link to online version of the story.


So Cliff is taking 1p off the price of his new album for every person that pre-orders (down to a minimum of £3.99) – the starting price is £7.99. Do the simple math and you realise that it’s only going to take 400 people to get there. But as the article says that’d be twice as many people as bought the last album direct!

Tony Wilson and Eva Pascoe on the Internet

Awesome footage. Eva Pascoe (founder of Cyberia and member of the digerati) tells Tony Wilson all about the internet.

[Update: Thanks to Steve for the link to the newer better version of the video – nice one mate]

This Busker is Well Good

Saw him in North Laine on Saturday. This epic psychedelic trance improv was just part of his set. A proper one-man-band with mad skills.

Again sorry for the video quality. I think I might have to invest in some kind of camera that can do half decent video content. Anyone got any tips? I’ve been recommended the Sanyo Xacti ones as being pretty hot.

Oh My God!

Like any good Mac Geek I upgraded to the new version of OS X (Leopard) at the weekend. And its very nice. A painless experience and there’s literally zero learning curve. But at the same time I keep finding new little things that are better than they were before. And I’ve had to read any instructions or manuals at all.

It’s really a very good upgrade experience.

But then I checked my mail and saw this:

Screengrab (millions of emails)

Luckily it was only a momentary display glitch and I’ve only got a fraction of that many mails.