Skate – Nice Game, Nice Campaign

There’s a new game coming out called Skate. I think you should be able to guess what it’s about.

It looks absolutely stunning, not sure that this clip will do it justice.

I think they’ve also done some cool stuff with the control system by the sounds of it. And it’s got some neat replay video production stuff too so you can show off your rad skillz.

As I was checking it out I noticed a campaign that’s running alongside the game which I really liked. Basically they’ve got a bunch of Skate dudes to pick a classic piece of skate ‘furniture’ from a couple of parks in Barcelona and San Fran, then installed them in various skate parks around the UK.

Skate Ramp

On the site the pros show you how to pull a trick using this furniture (in real life and in the game). They’re then running a contest for amateurs to go to the skate parks and try to replicate the tricks. Best videos of people pulling tricks win prizes.

As a campaign it’s just got a really nice grass-roots, joined-up feel to it that seems dead right for the core target audience. And it doesn’t matter if you only see the online bit, or simply a bit of concrete in a park. Either way you take away a nice feeling about the game.

Will It Blend vs Invincible Chuck Norris

Two meme mashups in just one day. Internet you are really spoiling us…

Thanks Knotty!

Toffee Cow Pat

I was in Yorkshire at the weekend in a lovely village called Hawes. In spite of all the amazing scenery and a splendid wedding that I went to, the best thing I saw all weekend were these Toffee Cow Pats. How cool!

Lolcatz vs Post Secret

A mashup so good I almost burped pure joy.


For lots more visit:

Of course for it to make any sense at all you need to know about Post Secret and Lolcatz

I’m Gonna Be Rockin The Commute

I’ve always wanted to be a guitar hero, but couldn’t face the callouses. Now I can create earnest rock music on the train…

Jam Sessions on the Nintendo DS. I’ve pre-ordered and am waiting…

Social Networking Invitation Tips

Tim O’Reiley gives some good concise (much-needed) advice on Social Networking invitation etiquette.

I remember when people first started using email, and there was a flurry of publications on “netiquette,” the etiquette of how to use email. Social networking is at that stage now. There’s been a lot written about the potential for future embarrassment from photos or videos published on Facebook or MySpace, but I am focused on a humber bit of social networking etiquette: the proper use of invitations.

The main bit of advice seems to be: ditch the default invite message and write something about why you should be connected. It’s not rocket science, but from my experience it did need to be said. He probably says it better though.