It’s All Gone Vodafone

It started here:


Then I saw:


Then this:


Then I realised it had left ‘advertising’ and gone native…


(I should have taken the time to balance the red colour to make the point better, but I don’t have the skill or the time, sorry…)

6 thoughts on “It’s All Gone Vodafone”

  1. I think the ad for the TV programme about ancient Egyptian toothpaste is referencing Colgate, not Vodafone.

    And the Teacher Training ad is one in a campaign of about 10 – all use different colour panels.

    On the Emergency alarm, you do have a point. Emergency notices are always red. Then again, so are Manchester United, Communism and Fire Engines.

    But from all of us here at BBH who work on Vodafone… it’s nice to see how top of your mind the brand is!

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