Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On From Yamaha

Toshio Iwai has made a load of cool audio widgety things. The thing I know best is Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS. But he’s done lots of other stuff too. I’ve just come across his latest device to hit the streets, Tenori-On, it’s a bit like this:

As a piece of design I really like it, especially when you see it’s double sided!!!

There’s a UK launch party for the thing in a couple of weeks with performances and DJs and stuff. It’s at Phonica in London (and I think there’s one in Manchester too, but I can’t find the details). More info on their page:

I could get quite needy for a thing like this. But it looks like it going to be about $1000 which is a lot for a plinky plonky toy…

UPDATE: Full UK site is here: (it’s empty at the moment), a better global site is here and the Manchester night is at Mint Lounge.

Like 2ManyDJs (Only Better)

streetlife djs

I’m liking the sounds of the Streetlife DJs a lot today. They’re like a UK version of 2ManyDJs only perhaps a bit more dance-edged, but still with tons of eclecticism. From their Podcast description:

Stewart Rowell and Louis Gaston are otherwise known as the Streetlife DJs. They have over 25 years turntable experience between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres! OK let’s explain…if you think Soulwax meets Coldcut meets Sasha and Digweed you’re in the right ball park…if there is such a place?

Of course they’re on bloody MySpace:
And they’ve got their own Podcast which is really rather good (if you like that kind of thing)
And they have a website of their very own:

Are You A Synthesizer?


Yet another great post from the Logic + Emotion blog. I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks. But been struggling to find anything to say anything about it. I think that’s because it’s such a good post.

It’s all about the importance of people who can sythesize lots of complex stuff and spin it into different stuff that’s more useful. I’ll say nowt more. Just read it: Are you a synthesizer?

A Tale of Modern Blog Blagging

I got an out-of-the-blue email a couple of weeks ago asking how much I’d charge for a text link from my blog. I thought about it, then realised that I had no idea. I know a bit about CPM and CPA numbers and I know how much traffic I get, so I figured that it wouldn’t be worth that much. And besides I don’t really fancy having ads on my site. So I ignored the email for a bit.

Then last week I was thinking about how much I’d like to have a wireless data card thingy for my laptop (so I can do stuff on the train, in a coffee shop, etc.). Anyway I found that T-Mobile have this really good ‘unlimited’ data package with a USB modem that works on a Mac. And it’s £29 a month, which isn’t all that bad considering how much use I’d get out of it given my commute and things.

So my devious mind got thinking…

I wonder if that advertiser would pay for my data subscription?

In my mind it worked as an idea because:

  • It’s not just a text ad anymore.
  • It makes them a contributor, of sorts, to the running of the blog which feels nicer.
  • I can write this blog post about it, which gives them some extra value out of the deal.

So I cheekily emailed them back to ask if they’d be up for sponsoring my wireless data subscription. And to my surprise they said yes.

Before I entered into the deal I tested out their service to make sure they weren’t con-people. And it all worked, product arrived, all good. So I’ve got no qualms about being associated with them.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you

The new wireless update sponsors of Whatever kind of inkjet cartridge or toner you’re looking for give a try (you get the idea). You’ll see a permanent link to them in the right hand column of the site from now on.

Their willingness to deal individually with me and my specific request puts them in a position of being a progressive online advertiser in my book.

I hope people don’t think this is ‘selling out’ in some way. I prefer to think of it as a sort of ‘bartering 2.0‘. I feel much more comfortable doing this for swaps rather than cash, I don’t think I’d like my blog to feel like business and this keeps it a safe distance away.

Here’s my new T-Mobile USB 3G widget – so far it’s all good.


Incidentally I do like those new iMacs. Anyone? Anyone? ;-)

Dress Codes Gone Mad

Egg Dress Code

I love the phrase ‘Dress to Impress’ it makes me immediately understand that this is not a club for me. But the addition of no ‘branded shirts’ is great.

I’m sure that Naomi Klein would be overjoyed that her whole No Logo philosophy has migrated into London Nightlife. But I’m guessing that they’re not checking the labels inside the shirt? And I’m assuming that St Michael and Uniqlo aren’t classed as brands in this case?