Hugh MacLeod’s On Fire

Well not literally, although he could be. Although if he was he’d probably have Twittered about it. Visit for his latest bout of back-of-business-card cartoonism.

One that made me do a super-chuckle:

jobs and bono

Bonfire of the Brands – Book Soon

Bonfire of the Brands - Book Soon

I was chatting to someone the other day about whatever had happened to Neil Boorman’s book – Bonfire of the Brands. As I understand it, it’s the process and results of his self-inflicted experiment to give up all branded stuff.

Out-of-the-blue-ish I got a mail today and it appears that his book is coming out very soon. As someone who has a totally 2-faced view of my own consumption of brands I’m looking forward to reading it.

On a similar not I just finished ‘I’m not buying it‘ by Judith Levine, which is about one couple’s quest to give up shopping for a year. An interesting read that made me question just what would happen to me if I gave up buying things. I don’t think I could do it though.

A scaled down, brand-free, version like Neil’s is probably more in line with what I could manage. I’m still too much of an objectophile to give up everything – although when you start questioning everything you soon realise that almost everything we buy carries some brand or another (even the ‘branded shirts‘ that clubs are objecting to these days). I’m interested to see how someone else has managed to get through the minefield, or not.

Overheard – Quote of the Day

I share a table with 2 techy types – I’m not going to name names ;-)

This morning overheard a great little snippet from a conversation about how it’s difficult to get back into ‘code’ after a long weekend.

Yeah, the human brain wasn’t meant to do this stuff. It’s meant for hunting and shit.

I love you guys.

Toshio Iwai’s Tenori-On From Yamaha

Toshio Iwai has made a load of cool audio widgety things. The thing I know best is Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS. But he’s done lots of other stuff too. I’ve just come across his latest device to hit the streets, Tenori-On, it’s a bit like this:

As a piece of design I really like it, especially when you see it’s double sided!!!

There’s a UK launch party for the thing in a couple of weeks with performances and DJs and stuff. It’s at Phonica in London (and I think there’s one in Manchester too, but I can’t find the details). More info on their page:

I could get quite needy for a thing like this. But it looks like it going to be about $1000 which is a lot for a plinky plonky toy…

UPDATE: Full UK site is here: (it’s empty at the moment), a better global site is here and the Manchester night is at Mint Lounge.

I’m Drawn to Nerdy Bag Contents

lifehacker bags

I don’t know why, but I really liked looking through this gallery of peoples’ bag contents. Perhaps it’s because they’re all readers of Life Hacker and therefore they tend to be pretty organised and full of interesting gadgets and overly co-ordinated pen sets.

Brighton Prejudice


From tonight’s Eastenders on BBC1:

“You’ve got great taste,
You’re cute,
You live in Brighton,
I’m sorry, you’ve got to be homosexual”

Hang on a mo…
That’s a bit of a leap isn’t it…

Like 2ManyDJs (Only Better)

streetlife djs

I’m liking the sounds of the Streetlife DJs a lot today. They’re like a UK version of 2ManyDJs only perhaps a bit more dance-edged, but still with tons of eclecticism. From their Podcast description:

Stewart Rowell and Louis Gaston are otherwise known as the Streetlife DJs. They have over 25 years turntable experience between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres! OK let’s explain…if you think Soulwax meets Coldcut meets Sasha and Digweed you’re in the right ball park…if there is such a place?

Of course they’re on bloody MySpace:
And they’ve got their own Podcast which is really rather good (if you like that kind of thing)
And they have a website of their very own: