Shift Happens – Watch This Video

The second thought provoking animation of the week…
Watch it. It’s good.

Makes me realise that understanding and appreciating bits and bytes is really important. And maybe one day I’ll be able to apply it to something that makes a difference…

Designed by Xplane, whose work I’ve admired for years, for Shifthappens.

Via RandomCulture (which I always enjoy!)

Faris and Me on TV

Well not really TV, but it is sort of like TV on the Internet… This time I’ve actually managed to watch myself, so I’m making progress. I didn’t like it, but I did manage to stomach it.

It’s from the Ideas Forum thing that Faris and I spoke at earlier in the year, the guys at IQ Ads in Romania did a video interview with us. Which they’ve called Faris Yakob + Iain Tait = 2.0 which sounds like a kind of geeky gay love sitcom, which is nice.

They’ve edited it together so that you get 2 idiots rambling for the price of one. And you know what, I think I managed to talk more than Faris. Which I didn’t think was possible.

I did have it embedded in the page, but it autoplays which was very annoying. So you’ll have to click to visit their site to see it…

Iain and Faris

Amazing Polish Movie Posters

I love so many of these Polish Film Posters. I just like the way they’ve focussed on totally different things from the Hollywood versions. And the best thing is most of them are for sale, and they ship most places. Woo Hoo!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Star Wars

Blade Runner

And hundreds more. Nice.

Awesome Mechanics

If your favourite game as a kid was Mouse Trap, and you enjoyed the Honda Cog advert be prepared to waste 9.10 of your life smiling through this compilation of idents for Japanese TV show Pythagoraswitch.

via: BoingBoing

Firefox eBay Edition

Firefox Ebay Edition

This could have been around for ages, but I just saw a banner for it today for the first time…

It’s basically a version of Firefox for people who do a lot of eBaying – it’s basically just a load of extensions for Firefox that have been pre-installed. But it is pretty nicely done. This I thought was clever:

Intelligent Refresh
Your eBay information is updated at regular intervals. The refresh rate is increased intelligently as watching, bidding and selling items near their end time.

Check it out here:

I don’t think there’s that many brands who can meaningfully do this and expect people to take it up – apart from maybe creating customised browsers for internal company stuff, which could be really cool…

The Mullet Strategy

Business up front.
Party out the back.

MySpace, Youtube, Wikipedia they’re all employing ‘The Mullet Strategy’.

Genius, read a bit more at: