I do like Vimeo!

Following my post about 20 seconds ago asking if I liked Vimeo I got a comment from Jacko from Vimeo.

He doesn’t sound very angry at all. And he had a problem with Quicktime, so I guess he can say that. I had a problem with Virgin Media and I think I sounded angry too then.

I guess my point is that when you’ve got a nice thing, with a nice tone of voice and character, a bit of angry sticks out like a sore thumb. But Jacko says their redesigning the page right now, so things might just change.

Anyway I’ve made up my mind that I love Vimeo now. The fact that Jacko stopped by and said hi. The fact that they’re redsigning the site all the time and making it better all the time. All those things are acts of a company I like. Nice one.

The Slowternet

I’ve been using a ‘high-speed’ Internet connection in a Romanian hotel. Thing is, it’s not really high-speed at all.

I hadn’t realised just how much I take broadband (at decent speed) for granted.

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to describe how it feels. It’s really strange, everything just feels a bit wrong. The best I could come up with is that it’s like riding a bike with very flat tyres: You get there in the end, but it hurts more than usual and the handling just feels awkward and like you might fall off (I quite like the thought of ‘falling off’ the Internet).

A word of advice to people that make stuff online: big heavy flash sites really do suck for a lot of people in the world.

Ideas Forum in Bucharest


I’ve been in Romania for the last few days. Which has been really interesting. I’ve been getting to hang out with Russell and Faris, which is always a nice thing. We’ve been talking at a thing called the ‘ideas forum’: http://www.ideaforum.ro/ in Bucharest.

I don’t know if people really liked what we were saying that much (or specifically what I was saying). There seemed to be a few people in the various rooms who were a bit excited and engaged. But I think for a lot of people the whole digital thing just seems like theory. Or maybe they’re just quite quiet and shy (which I think is part of the case).

Someone I was talking to at lunchtime today said: “You three are like men from our future”. I love the idea of being a man from the future, but I don’t really agree. They are going through a lot of the same things we did 2 or 3 years ago. But I’m hoping that they’ll catch up a whole lot quicker than that. What with Internet time being really fast and compressed and everything. And I’m sure they’ll find newer, better ways of solving the issues. It’d be nice to think that other people can benefit from looking elsewhere and not having to make the same mistakes other people have already done.

I might share my presentation on here. Basically it was about how to ‘Do More with Digital’ – it’s kind of a progression from the 10 Reasons stuff to actually talk about the good things we should, and hopefully are, doing. But I’m trying to decide how to best do it as it doesn’t make that much sense without commentary. I’ll figure it out…

We were shown around and generally looked after by a couple of lovely people who were very generous in their time and just general niceness. Thanks Bogdana who is a planner with low expectations and Christian who was one of the organisers.

You probably won’t believe this but in Romania they treat people who know about the Internet like popstars. Here’s what happened when Faris and I arrived at the hotel:

Do I Like Vimeo?

vimeo logo

I like the player of Vimeo.
I quite like the design of Vimeo.
I like the fact it’s smaller than YouTube.
I like the thing that shows activity on the homepage, it’s nice and it makes it feel active and stuff.

But then I saw this:

Vimeo Quicktime

And I thought of that old thing about if you don’t have something nice to say…

It just made me feel the person who wrote it is a bit angry, I don’t like angry much. And I quite like Quicktime Pro, it does some good simple stuff easily. And $30 isn’t a lot for making my life easier in those ways.

Just that one little thing made me like Vimeo a little bit less than I did before. Which is a shame. I’ll stop now in case it sounds like I’m saying something not nice.

I Got An Ecard!

An ecard from a scammer.

Scam ECard

Don’t you think it’s a bit grim to use an ecard with jolly balloons on it to tell me that someone has just died, along with his wife and kids in a bomb. But I guess I am going to be $7,500,000.00 Million richer, so I suppose a party popper or two isn’t out of the question…

Loop Festival Brighton

Loop Festival

A celebration of Digital Culture they say – I reckon some crappy music coming out of laptops and a knackered old projector that no-one can see properly in the sunlight.

Actually I reckon it’s going to be rather good. Some of the musical turns that are appearing are quite spiffing.

The Loop Festival – Saturday 18th August. I’m going. But then it is just down the road from my house in Brighton.

Back From Holiday!

Had a lovely holiday. Nice quiet island in Greece. Sleeping lots. Just taking it very easy. Lovely.

Photo below is from a lovely little restaurant in a nearby village. The slightly bonkers chef was parading round this creation proclaiming: “Today’s penguin is tomorrow’s moussaka”. Sums up climate change much better than most, although I don’t think he meant to.

Penguin Aubergine

PSFK Today

psfkI’m enjoying the PSFK conference in London right now.

I just did my talk about 10 Reasons Why Digital Is Better Than Advertising. But you’ll all be bored sick of that by now. It was quite nerve racking. But I got through it.

Hugh MacLeod just did a really great talk about his Stormhoek adventures. Really inspiring. And a proper manifestation of some of the stuff in the Cluetrain Manifesto (one of my favourite books).

The rest of the day has been great too. A real inspiration.