Sad but Inevitable

I saw this on Hoxton Square yesterday:


It’s a sort of postbox ‘art project’ where people can put in messages (or whatever) that other people can take out. I’ve zoomed in on their manifesto:


Quite sweet really. You could imagine it working like a localised kind of Post Secret. Here’s the ‘in slot’ and the ‘out door’.


But when you give people the option to put whatever they want into a box like that, what kinds of things do you think they’d put in there? I wondered too. So we took a peek. I saw some flyers for religious stuff and clubs and some pizza menus. Then I heard Igor shriek from behind me. He’d seen the prize gift in the box. Someone had put something horrible in there.

I think you can just make it out from here:


It’s sad that people have to do things like that.

Personally I was doubly disappointed because the girth of the offending item would have meant that it couldn’t have gone into the ‘in slot’ and would have to have been put into the box through the ‘out door’ thus negating any kind of statement that the phantom fecal art terrorist was trying to make. If they’d genuinely wanted to give a turd to someone they could have at least played by the rules…

My SpecialBike

I picked up my custom recycled bike from the guys at Specialbike last night. Unfortunately the gods decided to unleash one of the biggest thunderstorms in the universe immediately after picking it up so we got soaked. But I still love it!


It’s got hub gears, so the chain doesn’t bounce. And you can change gears while your standing still without that horrible crunchy thing you get with other bikes.


And it’s got a twist grip shifter to keep it all nice and neat.


And if you look at the frame you can see it’s history, just a bit. It’s got classic old school lugs and you can see the vintage pump holder along the top tube. Which I like.


Sophie got a very different, but equally awesome bike too…

sophie’s specialbike

Bikes are cool.

Project Management for Web Geeks

Effective Project Management for Web Geeks

Great article about project management. I particularly liked the bit about striking a balance between the science (what you should do) and art (what you need to do) of project management. Meri Williams nails very concisely and eloquently a lot of the things I’ve never manged to express.

Another favourite bit:

If you’ve ever tried to just send a site live and then held out your hand for the check, you’ll have experienced what I term the “undead stakeholder” phenomenon: people who had a stake in the project returning again and again with more requests or improvements or even just support queries.

I’ve used the term ‘Zombie Projects’ to describe the same thing.

Essential reading for anyone who manages web projects in any way shape or form.

Interesting 2007 – My Thoughts


My review:

Interesting2007 = FunTed

350 smart blogger types in a room watching some of the best (and most random) presentations I’ve ever seen. Whatever I say or show, someone else is going to do it better. Best places to look for more would be: Russell’s Interesting Category and The Interesting2007 Wiki.

Too many highlights to mention. A really great day out that must be repeated. Although not too often or my brain will fill up and start leaking goo. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

Only downside was that I didn’t get to chat to everyone I wanted to. There were so many people I said ‘I’ll catch up with you later’ and didn’t. Or waved to and didn’t get a chance to properly talk to. I felt we couldn’t go for drinks later, but the train home to Brighton was calling…

Trains and Bikes

moronic rail idiots

Inside the brain of a rail company…

Right, there’s this massive cycle ride from London to Brighton, we’ve known about it for ages, it happens every year. What should we do about it?

Hmmm… Loads of cyclists are going to ride a long way from one place to another. When they get there they’ll be really tired and won’t really want to cycle back. Shall we put a special trains to support them in their charitable cause? Perhaps we could try and create some goodwill from cycllists, who by their very nature have made a lifestyle choice that shows they’re not alpha-motorists.

We could still charge them for it so we wouldn’t lose money.

Nah, sod it. Let’s not bother. Let’s just ban them all from the rail network. That’ll make our lives easier. They can get someone to come and pick them up in the car.

Trains should be so good. But they’re just not.