Twitter Screensaver

I did something very simple with Twitter that I quite like.

I took the RSS feed from my ‘friends’ page. Then fed it into the Mac RSS screensaver (which is installed as standard on a Mac). Now whenever my screensaver activates I get a rundown of what my friends are doing. I guess if you have updates on it’s kind of pointless, but I don’t so it’s a nice passive way to get a snapshot of what people are up to.

It looks a little something like this:

Twitter Screensaver
from iaintait

I found this a bit disturbing


This was the top of a registration email from Apple. I’m not sure a winking smiley saying ‘We’ve got your number’ makes me feel all that safe. It’s kind of like them saying. Haha, we know all about you, nudge nudge wink wink…

Or maybe I’m just paranoid today.

Big Second Life In My First Life

Last night I went for a quick drink in the T-Bar near work.

big second life

When I got there I noticed that someone was ‘doing’ Second Life massive on the wall. It was quite odd being the same size as the animated characters who were all doing some messed up Macarena style dance.

It kind of freaked my groove.

Lovely Install Screens

On a Mac when you install something you get this screen which normally tells you to drag the application into the applications folder. Quite often you just see the application and you have to figure it out for yourself. Good companies make nice custom backgrounds and shortcuts that make the whole thing totally painless and actually look really sweet.

Here’s two I like.


Skype Install Screen

And Adium:

Adium Install

Sometimes it’s the little things.

The Electro Plankton Quartet

The Electro Plankton Quartet

As part of Russell’s Interesting 2007, I got to play as part of ‘The Electroplankton Quartet’. Although we’re likely to get very big and very famous, I thought it was worth setting up a MySpace page just to prove that we existed (just in case we vanish without trace).

Then I noticed I’d made a typo and the URL is now missing an extra ‘e’, oh well at least Nintendo might not be able to sue us now…

Thanks to Curtis for the photo.