Horrible Misguided Integrated Campaign

Ask Campaign

Basically this site: http://www.information-revolution.org and it’s associated advertising try to position this organisation as a sort of free choice organisation campaigning against the dominance of Google. But it’s a campaign for Ask.

It’s truly terrible. A massive trainwreck of the highest order. I could write pages and pages of bitching, but I’m not going to. Just visit the site anlook at the comments (if they’ve not been taken down). Some of my favourites:

Viva la Choice!
I’ll choose anything but Ask!

You people at Ask need to re-think whose gonna run your media campaigns. I bet you’re all thinking “yeah but we got you on our site and engaged in discussion”…Keep trying… over the next 5 years i’m sure you might be able to gain some of the market share you are currently throwing down the toilet with this sham!!

Spend more money in making your search engine work properly and sack all those media muppets that came up with this information revolution idea.

And this I really love:

Shouldn’t your ad campaign appear at least 1X on your own search engine especially since it appears several times on Google.

That’s what happens when you hi-jack an insight (or in this case a genuine human concern) and trick people into coming to your site. Strangely they don’t like it. Fair play to them for leaving the comments open, but I bet they were wishing they hadn’t.

And they’ve spent shedloads on media both on and offline. And they’ve built a blog inside an i-frame, muppets ;-)


This is the second time I’ve said I don’t want to blog about what I had for breakfast. But in a roundabout way I’m doing it again…

This morning I stopped at a little stand called MOMA at London Bridge (I have to admit the first time I saw their sign I did a double take as I thought they were advertising MDMA which wouldn’t be usual commuter fodder at 8am).

They sell healthy breakfast things. Oaty-Yoghurty things as well as dried fruits and that kind of stuff. All looks very nice, and like a worthy way to start my day. So for the first time today I bought one. And here’s how the interaction went:

me: what’s that, and what’s that
stallholder: explains…
me: ok, I’ll have one
stallholder: puts pot in bag and pops in a little card, says: “hope you enjoy it, will you email us and let us know what you think

Here’s the card:

moma card

And you know what. I will email them and let them know what I thought. And not only that, I’ll write it on my blog too:

Really tasty. I feel satisfied but not over-full. And I’ll definitely go back for me.

And yes, lots of companies say: “tell us what you think”. But how often does someone actually ask you face to face to email them about whether you like something or not. Big companies with big customer service budgets (and marketing budgets for that matter) could learn a thing from a little stall inside a station.

You can find out more about them at: http://www.momafoods.co.uk

Like a Virgin

like a virginIt’s really odd. But since I’ve been away for a week on holiday I’ve found it really really hard to start blogging again. I’ve faced the blank WordPress interface a couple of times now, but I just can’t seem to do it.

It’s not that I haven’t got anything interesting to say, well no less un-interesting than the normal rubbish anyway. But there’s some kind of psychological hurdle that I’ve got to get over. And I suppose this post is my way of doing it.

It feels almost like the very first blog post I ever wrote. The same feelings are back:

  • What are people going to think?
  • What if someone calls me a tosser in the comments?
  • I’m sure no-one gives a shit what I think…
  • No-one’s really going to read it anyway, so what does it matter…

But this time, I’m slightly older, and perhaps slightly blog-wiser. So I’m not going to let these thoughts trouble me for quite as long.

Anyway, like someone who’s just had their hymen reconstructed ‘doing it’ for the first time (again), it’s great to have popped my cherry (again).

Some More Thoughts On Twitter

From Ian Curry at frog design: Twitter: The Missing Messenger

He makes the connection between Twitter and Tumblelogs too. But there’s two bits in his post that I especially like.

basically blogging reduced to what the Russian linguist Mikhail Bakhtin
called “the phatic function.” Like saying “what’s up?” as you pass
someone in the hall when you have no intention of finding out what is
actually up, the phatic function is communication simply to indicate
that communication can occur.


Or is it, as one of my co-workers pithily put forth, merely “Dodgeball for people who don’t go out”.

Or is it both ;-)

Blogging Without Writing

I don’t think I’ve ever written about Tumblelogs before. Partly because I didn’t think I could figure out what they were or why they existed. But I think I’ve finally sussed it with a bit of help from this Wikipedia definition of Tumblelog.

Tumblelogs are basically blogs for people with ADD. You don’t actually have to write any commentary. They’re just a way of posting lots of stuff fast. Which has the potential to be a really great platform – or a really shocking one in the wrong hands ;-).

In some ways they’re almost like a cross between a blog and Twitter – sort of…

Now there’s a great tool which enables you to set up a Tumblelog really really fast – I’ve just put one together in well under half an hour. The tool is called Tumblr and it’s great! Really clearly and cleanly put together.

If you’re someone who’s been thinking about starting some kind of blog, but is scared about having to write too much stuff I can’t recommend Tumblr enough. Sure it doesn’t have comments and things like that – but that’s the point, Tumblelogs are a quick-and-dirty-stream-of-consciousness-type-of-blog and you don’t want other people mucking that up do you?

And whaddya know Tumblr has been built by Davidville the guys who built the fantastic Senduit that I blogged about a while ago.

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