Free Joost Invites, Who Wants Them?

I’ve got 2 invites for the beta of Joostâ„¢ up for grabs. Anyone want them?

In UGC style complete the following in 12 worlds or less (in the comments):

I’d like a Joost invite because…

OK – Compo Closed – I’ve picked the winners.

Dan and Adam should have received their invites.

Reason I chose them:

Dan because he lied outrageously about a friend called Joost, or perhaps he didn’t. Either way he made me laugh. And Adam because he rubbished the competition, which I always like as a strategy in these things ;-)

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23 thoughts on “Free Joost Invites, Who Wants Them?”

  1. I’d like a Joost invite because I don’t have a TV and I need passive entertainment!

  2. I’d like a Joost invite because I’m a online media nerd. If I don’t have Joost I’ll be a nobody!

  3. Hey Ian, if you sent me one thanks! if you didn’t – don’t, cause i just got one – woohoo :)

  4. Wait! There’s a phone call from the banker! Oh, no, wrong gameshow. Yes, I’d like one because then I can get my own invites and be popular and everything.

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