10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising – Number 5

As conventional advertising revenues decline, programme makers have less and less cash to spend. So TV gets more shit, so fewer people watch it so ad revenue goes down again. Conversely the web’s audience is steadily increasing in volume, sophistication and quality. Budgets are moving upwards which makes it possible to create more compelling stuff which in turn rewards users for their migration. Tell a friend…

Oh, and if this is the case, then the news is even worse for the adverts inbetween…

Borrowed from Adliterate – who borrowed it from TGI…

10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising – Number 4

Success in network media isn’t about ego. No one cares who you are, or what you’ve done before – unless you’re Jonathan Harris or Joshua Davis ;-)

Audiences care about whether they like your thing or not. More honest and ernest cultures tend to make better work in a networked place. Empathy is paramount in a user-centred business, and empathy and ego don’t mix so well.

That’s not to say there aren’t any godzilla-sized egos in the digital world, that would just be a monster lie.

Feedburner’s ‘Headline Animator’

This is cool – Feedburner have got a neat thing where you can create a dynamic RSS fed banner for your site. Mine is rubbish because I made it very quickly (and I’m not very good at that kind of thing). But it’s dead easy and quick to do.

iain tait | crackunit.com

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Feedburner have been adding lots of cool stuff recently – you can now use them to get your blog stats too. Have a look…

I Have Moved

Last night I moved server. A very stressful and delicate opperation. Hopefully you won’t have noticed too much disruption. I’ve gone back to a simpler layout and removed some of the widgets that were on the site – they were just getting in the way and confusing me.

Hopefully now I can build this up again from the ground and start to make it work better. Fingers crossed that everything works – I may have lost one or two comments in the move, if I’ve lost one of yours I’m really sorry!

10 Reasons Why Digital is Better Than Advertising – Number 3

Maybe this won’t last forever. And of course lots of people got their fingers (and worse) burnt in the last .com fiasco. But because the cost of entry for digital stuff is low, and the technology is cheap (or rentable) it means that people are constantly looking for new ways to do new things, or better ways to do old things. And the scale of ideas can be smaller, it’s easy to start or evolve businesses using tools and services that are readily available online.

From what I’ve witnessed the structure of digital agencies tends to be more tolerant of these entrepreneurial tendencies. It’s not uncommon to find people running garage businesses, record labels, t-shirt companies, etc. I guess that’s partially a factor of scale. Small companies oddly seem to be able to cope with outside interests better. And partially it might be a factor of newness. Most digital agencies are <10 years old, so their founders can remember what it’s like to be young and motivated too.

Also many digital agencies were founded during a moment in time where stock options were everything. Microsoft receptionists were reportedly getting massive stock option payouts and everyone knew of someone who had just become a paper millionaire. Very few of them are actually millionaires anymore (paper or otherwise), but the spirit lives on.

A spirit of entrepreneurialism makes for an exciting environment to work in. One where transformative ideas, however stupid, are the thing that keeps everyone motivated.

Haters Extreme

One of the best and most inspirational bloggers around, Kathy Sierra, has been rightly scared and upset by a bunch of vile stuff that’s been written about her online. She has an amazing blog and a network of incredibly strong supporters (judging by the 550 comments and counting). And it would be awful to see her stop blogging as a result of this.

I’m in no way making any excuses for any of what’s been written or suggested anywhere. But something that popped into my head as I was reading what the scumbags have been writing:

I’m glad I’m not Paris Hilton (or Britney)

If you think of the volume of abuse that these two ladies get online. Fake porn, real porn, death threats, games where the objective is for everyone to kill them, etc. etc. etc. It defies belief, morals and logic. But somehow it’s tolerated. Because they’re celebrities who have massive fame and fortune people (including the mainstream media) see them as fair game.

In a culture where we can all generate a level of fame (for most of us it will be nano-fame), does that mean that we need to be able to tolerate the same kind of hatred and backlashes that ‘proper’ famous people have to endure? Thinking about the previous posts about haters, I got some pico-haters, Russell got hit by some micro-haters, and poor Kathy’s ended up getting hit by some proper vile mega-haters. But I’m glad I’m not up there with Paris and her giga-hated celeb friends.

I’m not quite sure what to say about Kathy’s predicament. I just hope she starts blogging again and manages to find a way to put these horrors behind her (or behind bars if they’re serious!).