Now this sounds good – IMified!

I like Instant Messenger. I like the fact that IM clients are lightweight applications that can be accessed anywhere (as long as I’ve got mobile or web access). And the promise of opening up applications so that I can read and write to them via IM is cool.

So I was really disappointed when I tried to use IMified and got this…

For some reason I felt like this knockback was a bit snotty. Just goes to show how super-important tone of voice is (especially in error messages!).

I will try it again tomorrow. I’m hoping for better fortunes.

This Makes Me So Happy

Over at Pink Air Jeffre talks about the ‘kick off’ meeting. The dreaded meeting after the business has been won. The thrill of the chase has gone. The hunt is over. And the carcuss is rotting before your eyes…

In his account of the first meeting and the clients tearing apart his pitch there’s a client quote that fills me with hope and joy. In response to the question “why did you choose us?”:

“You all seemed to be visibly struggling with what you were saying…Most agencies act like they already had the answer years ago or they want to impose something on you that doesn’t fit, but you were uncertain. You were still thinking very hard…We thought, you know, this actually is hard and we’ll be struggling along with it for a while, so who do we want struggling along next to us?”

I just think that’s great. I wish everyone shared that view.

Read the full post here, please

RSS Readers

I’d assumed that lots of people use Netvibes as their RSS reader (because I do). But this chart shows that it’s way down the list. Almost half of the people who subscribe to Crackunit’s RSS Feed do so through Google Reader or Google Personalized Home Page.

Stats come from Feedburner.

If you want to subscribe to Crackunit content, it’s relatively simple, click here and follow the instructions.

Bandwagon – iTunes Backup

Bandwagon is an iTunes backup software / service combo.

I read this and thought of me:

Bandwagon is for smart people that have a huge music library that has never been backed up.

At least the last bit’s true.

Another nice – ‘link to us, get free stuff’ promotion. A bit like the Appzapper software one I posted a while back.

I think I’d have linked to this anyway, which makes it supernice…

via Russell’s Blog

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Boo point Oh

I posted about the return of a while ago.

Being a connected company someone’s been out doing the rounds letting ‘interested’ people know that Boo are moving to the next phase of relaunch – see this comment. I don’t mind people doing this, and I don’t consider it to be comment spam.

But have a look at the new I did, and nearly wept. If the holding page is anything to go by, I’d swear that their business model must be based on advance sales of BooHoo vol 2.

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Joost on the Mac

Joost for the Mac got properly launched on Saturday (well into public beta anyway), so like a good little nerd I rushed off and downloaded it straightaway.

First impressions…

  • Very slick piece of software
  • Very intuitive
  • Video quality is varied, but way better then most full screen streamed online video out there
  • Very little buffering – quick to start
  • Content is slightly limited – but there’s some great stuff on there (especially in the indie movie channel) and I was interested to see that Deepak Chopra was in there tooc

I’m not sure why, but the feeling I came away from using it was: “This feels like a super-slick in-flight entertainment system”. Which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. But that’s how it made me feel.

It’s definitely one to watch though.