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I’d assumed that lots of people use Netvibes as their RSS reader (because I do). But this chart shows that it’s way down the list. Almost half of the people who subscribe to Crackunit’s RSS Feed do so through Google Reader or Google Personalized Home Page.

Stats come from Feedburner.

If you want to subscribe to Crackunit content, it’s relatively simple, click here and follow the instructions.

Bandwagon – iTunes Backup

Bandwagon is an iTunes backup software / service combo.

I read this and thought of me:

Bandwagon is for smart people that have a huge music library that has never been backed up.

At least the last bit’s true.

Another nice – ‘link to us, get free stuff’ promotion. A bit like the Appzapper software one I posted a while back.

I think I’d have linked to this anyway, which makes it supernice…

via Russell’s Blog

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Boo point Oh

I posted about the return of a while ago.

Being a connected company someone’s been out doing the rounds letting ‘interested’ people know that Boo are moving to the next phase of relaunch – see this comment. I don’t mind people doing this, and I don’t consider it to be comment spam.

But have a look at the new I did, and nearly wept. If the holding page is anything to go by, I’d swear that their business model must be based on advance sales of BooHoo vol 2.

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Joost on the Mac

Joost for the Mac got properly launched on Saturday (well into public beta anyway), so like a good little nerd I rushed off and downloaded it straightaway.

First impressions…

  • Very slick piece of software
  • Very intuitive
  • Video quality is varied, but way better then most full screen streamed online video out there
  • Very little buffering – quick to start
  • Content is slightly limited – but there’s some great stuff on there (especially in the indie movie channel) and I was interested to see that Deepak Chopra was in there tooc

I’m not sure why, but the feeling I came away from using it was: “This feels like a super-slick in-flight entertainment system”. Which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. But that’s how it made me feel.

It’s definitely one to watch though.

Plundering UGC Cash, Who’s In?

I’ve just been flicking through New Media Age. And after my earlier comment about User Generated Content, I was dismayed to see how many column inches have been given over to terrible UGC ideas – but with MASSIVE cash prizes. I did a quick count, and I reckon that this week there’s about £20k up for grabs. Not to mention holidays, TVs, etc. I reckon there’s probably cars and things out there too if I were to go and look. (Doritos just put up $50,000 in cash for their ‘Crash the Superbowl Promotion‘)

Suddenly a really evil plot hatched in my brain…

  • Most entries to those things are not very good – I know from bitter experience of being on the receiving end.
  • Most of them don’t get that many entries
  • If you were good at writing, making short films, photography, etc. it wouldn’t be that difficult to win a lot of the contests that exist. They’re all being judged by marketing departments after all. And we all know what clients want to hear (or at least we’ve got a reasonable idea).

Anyone fancy forming a loose ‘A-Team’ (or a rubbishy B-Team) of creative types with a single-minded ambition of seeing just how much we can extract from UGC campaigns? I’ve got a fantasy of releasing a story to the marketing press with a bunch of people swimming in a pool of ill-gotten cash?

Anyone up for it?

Nice Altoids Idea

I think this is really nice.

In the swamp of dirty UGC ideas that we have to endure, here’s one that floats to the top, like cream, not a turd.

It’s got a limited lifespan, but that’s OK.

Simple idea, you can leave a valentine’s message on the Chocolate Altoids site. So far, so what. Plus you can send an ecard with your message. So far, so what, again.

Here’s the killer part of the idea. Altoids give you a list of websites where they’ll publish your valentine’s message in their banners. So you can get your message on the sites where your significant other will be hanging out.

Well I liked it anyway. It had an intrinsic reason to get involved and didn’t require a massive prize like most other UGC driven campaigns.

Twitter Mobile – It’s the Little Things

Just set up Twitter to work with my mobile. And this just exemplifies the thought and smartness that have gone into the application.

twitter screengrab

And what’s so good about it? The code that you have to text in, is all made up of letters that are on the first keypress of your mobile phone. So instead of having to click your 2 button 3 times to get to letter C. They’ve made sure that they don’t use the letter C.

I’m guessing that a lot of people won’t spot it. But that’s why I love it so much. They’ve thought about it and just done it. Saving people time and effort with a tiny little touch.

Twitter developers I salute you.

Twittering On, and On


Seems like the world is going Twitter crazy at the moment.

I’ve been signed up for a while now, but was a little confused about what it’s actually good for. I love the simplicity of it. It’s really easy to get it up and running and very simple to update. At first I saw it as a kind of Blogger-lite, but there’s more to it than that. A lot more. And I think people have only just started scratching the surface of what it can be used for.

There’s a good article here on some productive users for Twitter.

The thing that confuses me a little bit is that I might be wanting to use my Twitter-ing for a few different things at the same time, but currently I can’t. I guess that’s why people are asking for some kind of tagging to be introduced.

Dive in and join the Twitter fun, you can find me here:

Oh, and if Twitter breaks you get one of the most interesting custom error screens ever (plus it’s got an all important ‘continue’ link which keeps you moving!)…