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  1. It took Virgin Media almost 4 months to take their equipment back after we cancelled our services with them, despite numerous attempts on our part to return it!

    We even had the help of a high-level contact at Virgin Media throughout our 2 1/2 years as customers of theirs. While out contact was often able to cut through some of the red tape involved in getting Virgin Media to actually help its customers, our time with them was still riddled with problems.

    We’re with BT now. While they might not get stellar reviews, they will have to go to drastic lengths to match the appalling levels of customer service provided by Virgin Media.

  2. It took Virgin Media almost 4 months to take their equipment back after we cancelled our services with them, despite numerous attempts on our part to return it!

    We even had the help of a high-level contact at Virgin Media throughout our 2 1/2 years as customers of theirs. While our contact was often able to cut through some of the red tape involved in getting Virgin Media to actually help its customers, our time with them was still riddled with problems.

    We’re with BT now. While they might not get stellar reviews, they will have to go to drastic lengths to match the appalling levels of customer service provided by Virgin Media.

  3. Just an update on my July 30th blog.
    On checking the promised upgrade to 10 mbps which was supposed to be the following day and of which again did not happen. I tried to get hold of the Bellshills chap but ended up with the usual Asian who could not transfer me, but would send an email for him to call me.
    In frustration I called the Manchester centre for which I had a contact name and telephone number for a person who had phoned me a couple of days before to tell us that she had amended the bill we had received (the same one the Bellshill chap said he had already changed) and confirmed that the broadband would be activated the following day. Apparently this women was on the “Technical” side and listened to my problems while talking intermittently to another colleague of hers, as she did not seem to know the answers to my questions regarding non activation of the faster broadband. She looked at the notes and said that the speed had been upgraded by the Bellshill chap from 2 to 4 mbps? I explained that I was told I was 10 mbps (and a larger T.V. package) for the same price as compensation for the weeks of stress they had provided us.
    She could not understand why I was receiving even 2.9 mbps let alone 4 mbps. She than proceeded ask me for my modem code number so the tech. person could do a check. It was then realised as I was using a set top box not a modem and that the most I could get was 4 mbps anyway! So all the promises I had and phone calls were a complete waste of time because the Bellshill chap “assumed” that I had a modem. The woman then told me that the V.M. upgrade to 10 mbps would be by the end of “summer” for my area. (so why promise the next day!).
    I mentioned to her that I thought the Bellshill chap was giving me a load of bullshit and someone in the complaints dept. should be getting on to him for a reprimand. I was then told that I “was” talking to the Complaints dept??? (Note I was originally told it was the “Technical” dept.) I thanked her for the information she had provided and wafted away the smell of “Bullshit” and retired to my chair in disbelief.
    Later in the day my wife received a phone call from the Bellshill Chap (who had been speaking to the Manchester woman) my wife explained I was not here to take the call.(as I was in the shower) and proceeded to tell her that I was not offered the larger T.V. package and could not recall speaking to me. (funny that he could not recall speaking to me but was sure that he did not offer the T.V. upgrade).
    I now was back into the room and my wife tired of explaining why she felt pissed off and was going to look for a new provider while the chap was saying we are getting a good deal with them, passed the phone over to me and I proceeded to tell him word for word what he had said to me. He still said it must of been a communication breakdown (my mistake) fortunately for me I took notes of the conversation at the time, as I always do when speaking to these sort of faceless companies with nameless people.
    If he only upgraded us to 4 mbps, he was either lieing of must of known that we did not have a modem. The crux is we now have to have an engineer around yet again ,to fix up a modem ready for the area upgrade sometime in the future. For this we will be charged a £25 fee which will be refunded (Yeh! when we see it we will believe it) remember this was the chap who charged us for an “extra” broadband service on top of the one we already had.
    I will have to wait in for the engineer on Monday afternoon for the next instalment of the saga. I do hope that this one has more experience then the first two cretins we had. If all goes well we will give V.M. until the end of the year to see if the area upgrade sorts out the problems. If not! then we are off !

  4. I’m glad it’s not just me!
    This year so far VM have:
    1) Cut my phone off for a 3 week period as they said they had recieved notification of me moving house.
    This took 3 weeks to sort and multiple calls to their Care in the Community Drop-In Centre AKA Customer Service.
    It took a whole 3 weeks before they understood that I hadn’t moved.
    2) A couple of months after this Drama they diverted all my landline calls to some random guys mobile phone. Once again more calls to the Asylum that is VM.
    This took 2 weeks to fix, with of course the usual arguments with Virgin staing I had requested this.
    3) The 3rd and final problem started last Tuesday 23/07/08. Once again I have been cut off. This time however all my services have been cut. After countless calls in which I have been told by 7, yes 7 different service monkies that the problem will be fixed in 24hrs.
    It is now 04/08/08 and I still have no services.
    The reason for this drama…. Because once again they have told ME that I am moving house!!!
    I was even told this time that ther only way to get my services back is to speak to the sales team and start as a new customer!!!!!!
    I hope VM actually read this as there is more chance of me passing a babboon in my waters than joining up as a new customer!! I even had one of their staff admit that I’d been lied to by Virgin staff and that their service is shocking. All this from their own staff.
    Anyhow, sorry for the lengthy rant I’m now off to make yet another call to VM!!

  5. Update no. 3
    Waited in all afternoon and early evening as my time slot for the engineer to put in my modem was between 1 pm & 6pm. 5.50 pm engineer phones to say he is in E4 area and is on his way. I am in E17 which I estimated was going to take him another 20 minutes at least and turns up at 6.15 pm. 25 minutes late. just as we were about to tuck into our evening meal.
    Engineer asks” what has he come to do” as it was not on his work docket! rolling my eyes I explain that he has been sent to put in a modem as we were promised an upgrade to 10 mbps (only issued 4mbps) by staff, but could not do anyway as VM “assumed” we had a modem. Engineer said VM should know on their records what equipment was provided. (funny he did`nt know what he had come to do! where were the records on his paperwork?)
    Gave Engineer the background to the complaints while he proceded to remove and replace outdated wall socket which he said the Senior Area Engineer should of taken out and replaced as a matter of course three weeks earlier, then he put in the new modem cable.
    Engineer explains that Virgin Media is still in fact NTL in name only and Branson was paid 10% of the company to use his trade name. I do not know if this is true but could`nt care less now anyway, as I do not know who is telling the truth in the organisation because they are “all” bullshiters.
    Modem now up and running but speed checker still only gives 1.92 mbps. Now will see if I get a promised phone call tomorrow from Bellshill man to check if everything is now O.K. (can`t wait to reply).
    Mr Angry. London

  6. most pathetic call centre..and it will be hell if you have transferred your connection from a cable to non cable location…

    my advice


  7. Update 4.
    Bellshill man called as promised “hooray” sounded already dejected. Not surprising with the constant grief he must be getting from angry VM customers. On putting on the computer and finding that the modem had to be registered, He passed me on to the tech. side who talked me through it. How great it was to be able to speak to someone without an incomprehensible foreign accent.
    Computer now running @ 9.568 mbps which made me dizzy with excitement. I cannot believe that the weeks of aggravation with this company is now coming to an end (or is it! the next bill we recieve may be the next instalment of the saga).
    May be back on this site in a few weeks.
    “be careful out there you all”

  8. I’ve kept details of the 2 1/2 years of problems we had while we were customers of Virgin Media on my website.

    I’ve recently changed the permalink structure of my blog, so unfortunately the comments I’ve left here previously no longer link to the right page — perhaps my other comments could be deleted/edited to show the right page? It’s not located at http://delightfullyjaded.com/virgin-media-sucks/

    My past comments were: KaySquirrel on June 16, 2008 and Kay on July 31st, 2008 (actually this one got submitted twice by accident — might want to remove one, I didn’t intend to post twice!)

    ~ KaySquirrel

  9. I feel better after reading all of the above. VM are the most appalling media company, no customer service, crap Broadband, I could go on.

    NTL were the top of the bunch after this shower, everytime you ring VM ,’I am sorry cannot deal with your problem as system is down, being updated etc. ‘They should have the state of the art system after all the ‘updates they have.

    My broadband for 8 years with NTL was perfect, any probs and they sent someone. My broadband has been diabolical for 2 years, so decided to change. Gave 30 days required notice, accepted by RB and co.

    Then because I cancelled my DD cos I knew they would not get it right, they have charged me with cancellation charges etc. Then after 28 days directed it through their debt collection agency. I paid because it is better to be totally rid of the s… the the Branson organisation is. I feel even better as I have always flown to the USA twice or three times a year with Virgin. Never again, and I will spend all my days dissing them.

  10. I have had months and months of failing connection to the internet because of poor signal /noise ratios in Halifax. Although VM know about this they do not state how this willbe fixed and more over they dont care, I understand that this problem is more svere in the NW of England. The information I gained from a techy on their help line was trhat I would have to put up with it and apologised. I asked for a customer service number to call .There isnt one. No surprise there then. Time to change ISP. Unless VM make a huge ffort and treat their customers as intelligent folk and not milch cows.

  11. As far as I see it, VM is the only choice for anything over 8Mb broadband…

    Had exactly the same issues as you, Iain, when I tried to get my Mum switched from an integrated broadband modem in the set-top box (limited to 4Mb), so she could use the 10Mb she’s paying for. Took about 3 days and a dozen phone calls to get the blessed reg. numbers!


  12. Please can anyone help me i have had VM installed I’m not having problems with the telly, the phone, or the internet but my printer eversince they came to install my printer won’t print properly ive uninstalled the drivers twice ive tryed to go threw Dell (yes thats were i got the printer from) and VM and as im refusing to pay a pound a minute i was wondering if anyone here may have the answers

  13. virgin media sucks from start to finishal the above experienc i have gone through and after spending £36.00 on pay as you go still no satisfaction.a box was delivered to my home wth the installation equipment. and that was it . three weeks later and thirty five quid out of pocket still no refund still no engineers to install still no phone. after several phone calls some stupid prat asked me to turn of the modum and then back on , after telling this idiot nothing is conected he said no wonder it wont work it will only work if it is installed. ithen asked his location so i could knock his effing teeth out.direct debit caneld three weeks on and still no refund . i want my money branson

  14. Help!
    After a year and a half of all the same problems detailed above, we are still struggling to get away from VM. We moved about 7 months ago, and the experience was so painful (moving from cabled to non-cabled areas was too much for the disparate departments) that we determined to cancel after our contract was up in June. We are on the move again, and have been told that when we moved in Feb, we somehow signed up for another 12 months. And again, we now either pay the cancellation fee or have to sign up for another year! All we want to do is leave, but unfortunately, our personal circumstances mean that we haven’t been in a place long enough to see out a contract. Surely there must be another way?!
    Any advice welcome.
    And mine to you, is dont use Virgin Media!

  15. I’ve just had a similar experience – to cut a long story short, we were promised we’d have a temporary number whilst Virgin ported over our BT number. After about 4 days of the temporary number, where we received all sorts of “wrong number” calls from random people asking for “Boris” or “Sam” etc… the Virgin line went dead.

    I rang customer services for about the 15th time (we’d had major broadband issues for the first couple of days), and they told me that we never should have been told we’d have use of the temporary number in the first place, and it had been taken away. Huh?!

    Then, about 3 days later, the BT phone line has gone down. We now have NO working phones in the house, have had no working phones for 3 or 4 days and have to wait another week before the old number supposedly comes across.

    Basically, the Sales team lied to us. We’re very, very unhappy about this.

  16. Well I have been with VM for 11 months now and I am so getting rid of them when my 12 month contract runs out.

    I thought SKY were bad but VM is in a class of its own for stupidity. They really don’t care about all the bad experiences I have had. I was with SKY for six years and I had loss of service ONLY when a bad storm knocked out the signal. Virgin media messes up about twice a month, the on-demand service hardly ever works and their customer service is the WORST I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

    Usually calling their 150 or 151 service means a lengthy wait and a chat with a disgruntled OUTSOURCED call centre worker who quite frankly seems to hate customers.

    My advice to anybody considering Virgin Media for ANY service – is run a mile.
    Do not make the mistake I made by leaving SKY.

  17. hi mate, i have had nothing but trouble, the reason they give you two bills is so they can later merger the two….sounds stupid

    well once they have merged the two, they cancel your direct debits ( with out telling you) a few months later you recieve paper invoice, with administration charges and late payment fees.

    it is a scam that virgin media are running at the moment, they have done it to tens of thousands of innocent customers.

    its a scam mate

  18. May I add my voice to the universal howl of anguish at the execrable service provided by Virgin Media. As I write, I am once again consigned to another day without email. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

  19. May I add my voice to the universal howl of anguish at the execrable service provided by Virgin Media. As I write, I am once again consigned to another day without email. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

  20. I don’t understand how trading standards haven’t shut them down! Something is really wrong when a company can treat people as badly as this.

  21. I have not read the entirety of you blog concerning virgin=shite but,
    I have had a lot of crappy problems too. Besides this I now realise it doesn’t matter what provider you go for the system will always be rubbish because – have you ever seen the street boxes that handle , say, a streets broadband? I very rarely see one that is locked! they are always lying open! prone to rain and vandalism. until they are treated with proper security we will always be open to a rubbish service.

  22. My getting onto the inernet in a morning is very slow some days it just doesnt click in at all and the rest of the day is just as bad it seems to be a very bad service in the trench area most of the time some days i just switch off and leave it till later inthe evening and glad im not running a business from here ,my family have been here using the computer and nearly tossed it out the window because its so slow .,but complaints dont seem to matter nothing ever changes except excuses.

  23. I joined VM to get XL BB, M phone and free TV for £30 on 30th august. Cancelled my great no problems bulldog services because getting the phone from VM. Two months later after complaints and numerous phone calls I am not guaranteed a phone line so can’t have TV and have to pay full BB price £37. Even though I have seen numerous virgin media vans on my road installing services for my neighbours. I tried to back to BT but in order to I would have to pay £125 to get a new phone line. I asked virgin to pay this bill as it was their fault I cancelled my phone line and they said ‘as a company we are not getting involved in your dispute with BT. Negotiate for a better deal.’ I replied it’s your fault can I take this complaint any higher??? ‘No this is as high as it can go. You may cancel your account with us with no disconnection fee.’ VM are not at all bothered about their customers and only get you to sign up to their services to scam you out of money. I wonder if I could contact any companies about the appalling misconduct from this company.

  24. Can’t believe how bad VM are. Prepare yourself for wasting ours of your life, re-telling the same story to get no where to do the same the following evening to give up and then to complain to get no response.

    VM have shortened my life. you have been warned.

  25. This worked for me.

    After giving up try customer services via phone and email I emailed (letter below)
    Simon Dornan – Head of Consumer PR
    Mobile: +44 (0) 7847 279666
    [email protected]

    He emailed back within 10 mins to say he would pass it on to the relevant department. I got a phone call later from a friendly women to say it was now passed to the correct department and she would follow things up to make sure that department dealt with things to my satisfaction.

    Later that day the accounts department phoned me, the problem was addressed and my account credited. I also got the follow up call to make sure I was happy with the outcome.

    I hope this helps if you are having the same problems.

    Dear Simon

    I hope you can help, I have a query regarding a direct debit that Virgin Media has taken from my account. I believe I may have been charged for services that I have not received. After three phone attempts and over 2 hours of being passed from one operator to another (all trying to help but not able to access the information required) I gave up phoning and emailed Virgin via their website. No response. I emailed a complaint to receive an email back apologising for the problem and explaining to me how to get in contact. I thought I already had.

    This is on top of Virgin forgetting to process my original order leaving to a 2 week delay, so no internet for weeks and recently changing my account from a £14.99pm broadband and phone to a £18.00 pm broadband only.

    I won’t go into the ongoing troubles I’m having with the ADSL phone line speed and the fact it still is only 128kbps download.

    I have attached a copy of the letter that I have just posted to head office, please could you help in any way to ensure this matter is resolved.

    It would be a real lift to get an email back from some-one at Virgin that was willing to see this problem through to completion.

    Kind regards

  26. Dont get me started with Virgin media, but i will list some quick bullet points to how they treated me

    * Tech guy hit on my wife while fixing our box and left his personal number!
    * after complaint same guy returned to finish job
    * poor service for 2 year, wuldnt relay cable as requested after 2 year they caved and did the job and found 5 breaks in the line (we could never get service when it rained)
    * set top box broke again, got sent a “new” one but its harddrive was full of porn movies!
    * cable relay men broke paving slabs and hid the breaks with my plant pots! like i wouldnt notice my garden had been re aranged.

    The final straw today, come to order the hatton v maggi’ fight and they havent got it because of a tech glitch, not good enough i have friends coming over for the fight been looking forward to this since mayweather!


  27. Just got off the phone to virgin, i got a phone call asking if i wanted virgin tv free of charge because ive already got phone and broadband, so i took up the offer only to find out that it was a new contract which i was not made aware at the time. It was just recently i tried to give 30days notice to end my account but was told i was in contract untill march 2009 all because i took the broadband/phone upgrade that was offered to me free but again it was another 12 month contract that i was not told about at the time. I even argued with the operator and was told to speak English but im scottish to me this is racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I just wonder what is virgin media doing about the 127 complain/comment made on this blog? I am the 128th that now declare Virgin Media is suck .. I pay 20Mb XL service and I get 500k download all the time. Virgin Media customer service agreed there is a netwok congestion in the area so I should wait unitl the network is not busy to use the internet e.g 12.30am – 6am. I am not sure why virgin media technical support think that is nothing wrong with it. Virgin used to be a good brand to me .. not anymore , strongly recommend to stay away from all virgin products if you haven’t become a victim.

  29. Quite frankly Virgin Suck more than a bitch on heat and damm they suck harder.

    when i was with ntl i thought the service was bad having to reset the modem every week , but VM, i have to reset it everyday !! im now on thier 10 meg service, which tbh i wish i was still on thier 2 meg service as i NEVER had a problem with! so 2 months down the road, resetting modem every day , CS telling me to conect directly to the modem avoid using antivirus / firewalls, etc a max speed of 200 – 300Kbs , being put under traffic management when i have only downloaded 140 meg in the whole day !! Ive had enough.. Im canceling my direct debit and they can go whistle for the rest of the 10 months contract. They are now offering 50meg on docsis 3, Hell they cant even get 10 meg right, what fucking moron gave them the idea of using 50 meg, And for one of thier top dogs to say they could release upto 100 meg like yesterday even 200meg, they need to get thier friggin 10 / 20 meg service sorted out first.

    No wonder most of their old customers are using hacked modems, I think ill be doing the same !! I cant wait for this other company to bring out fibre optic across the uk :)

    If vm dont come collect thier equipment when they say they will then it either goes in the bin or it gets sold. :) they wont take you to court, they may threaten you but thats all they will do as it will cost them to much :)

    As for VM saying its unlimited broadband then they are breaking the law, as its not TOTALLY unlimted, which they say Traffic management MAY effect users. Bt have got took to court over this and lost :)

    Stay away from Virgin media. MR branson do ur self a favour, pull out of partner ship with VM, your putting ur name to shame!!

    £27 a month for 10 meg ( 2 meg effective ) and a fone line !

    not worth pissin on really !!

  30. i work for the citizens advice bureau, Virgin Media has a poor customer service record an inability to deal effectively with it’s customers issues. Richard Branson needs to sell up and move on as he has no clue about customer service. i’m appalled at the number of complaints regarding this company. virgin media ranks 3rd worst uk company (fact) long waiting times on phone. non returned call backs. language barrier. very poor after sales service. very expensive call charges. unfair charges for itemised billing as reported on BBC Watchdog. This is a very uncompetitive company who have no interest in it’s customer basis. Virgin Media has become too Complaisant with it’s customers. British Telecom have learnt alot of lessons me and my colleagues enjoy working with BT to resolve it’s customers problems unlike Virgin Media whom are a night mare to co-operate with, rude and very inaffective. i would be more than happy to speak with Virgin Media on these matters to help them better understand it’s customers needs and expectations, enabling this company to move forward not backwards as it appears to be doing.

  31. just to confirm, vm are still terrible, i havnt even used internet all day so havnt run up the fair useage limit and my internets capped from 10mb down to 1mb :-/ .. no point in phoneing as we all know where that gets one, nowhere, also they still owe me £30 thats a year overdue i doubt i’ll ever see that, bunch of useless thieves

  32. Where Do i start looked in the paper and saw what virgin media was offering gave them a call payed my £30.00 to have it in stalled on the 3rd feb 2009 between 12 & 6 called me at 5 to say wont be with me to day because of the snow booked it for the 14th feb 2009 boardband and phone line. came at 12 pm some young lads everything was fine it seemed to be rushed but what did i know they disappeared for sometime i when outside no one to be seen.
    came back said ok all up and running ok great i said gave me my number then of he when .went upstair to go on the computer you guessed it didnt work so i called got someone on the phone who didnt speak much english in the end gave up called back spoke to a young lady really nice and helpful got me up and running called my mum and gave my number your thinking thats not bad well here it is the number i was given as been cross weired with a lady a round the corner so i can use my phone the box that was put outside on my wall has all the live wires showing sop if it rains i will go bang i called and told them that this is very bad work menship and he has 48 hrs to get it sorted or he can stick it so if you r thinking of getting virign media THINK AGAIN

  33. VM= well all seems good then your B-Band is slow and they say sorry have a credit for the month etc.. I donl;t want a credit I want the speed!! next you move home.. well they say no problem we can come and fit your service, I explain there is already a box, they say o’yes there was a service there B4. They arenge for a guy to come and all he does is call and have the box set up at the new place all good and well?? No!! I call to cancel my service as been having issues and no longer wish to have VM anymore only to be told sorry you have month 10 months left!! I said how can that be?? I have had this about three years how can this be, sorry Sir when you moved we re-started you on a new 12 month contract. I said that’s news to me so you are saying just because a Guy came and called a number to activate a box no drilling or fittin of wires was required that now I have to pay until the end mm Yes sir but you should have been told this!! well I wasn’t I was told you can wright a letter and tell them what happend they may let you off the 10 months. They didn’t!! I had to stay with them so I made the best of it. I heard that 50meg B-band would be out soon and I thought mm that might be good.. if only the 10meg was good!! lol anyway the other day I did a random speed test as I do from time to time over the net, I was amazed to see the needle shoot right into the red of 30meg!! WOW I thought and quickly searched VM web site to test my post code YES!! 50meg was nor available in my area of London. I look at the deal mm that’s good only an extra £15 a month I’ll go for that I thought……. I call VM and after 15 mins (I know as I used my internet phone and it logs the minutes) I get to speak to someone who comfirms the extra £15 a month, they say you wnat to go ahead, I say yes.. then cvomes ok well there is a £30 charge for the Modem and a £50 activation fee and some one will come fit the modem for you.. I said what!! I’m sure I can fit a modem thanks!! why all the expense etc.. I;m pritty sure she maentioned a fitting fee too….. I told the women that when I got VM fitted orignaly the guy’s had to come and route cable from the street and secure it along the wall etc.. drill a hole run cables fit the wall box and phone line etc.. and this was free!! now your telling me a guy needs to come and fit a modem (Plug it into the wall and my computer mm sounds hard don;t it!!) and thencall a num,ber I guess and say can you activate this anf that’s gonna cost all this cash?? mmm Yes sir.. Well then you know what you can do wioth you new 50MEG B-Band then donlt you!! ( I was more polite on the phone) she said I guess you don;t want to upgrade then.. Your Damm right!! what a RIPP OFF!!!!! who do they think they are????? send me the modem and Cd if needed giove me a number to call and just charge me the god dam extra £15 a month!! then you have a customer for I guess another 12 months alotho this was again not mentioned at the time but I’m guessing they would have started all again!! I moved with my orage moblie phone on contact they didn’t have to anyrthing but change my address they didn;t say mm well we will have to re-strat you contact again!! the bloody cheeck a guy call a number and I have to start the whole 12 months agin!! I can see if the guy had to mdo a complete insatlation where you might think Vm wants to get some cash back but 12 months worth for a phone call!! that’s out of order!! If it is the case that they do this to get cash back then they should say you have the option to pay say £20 fitting fee or re activation fee for the new palce .. not a anew 12 month contact that the moving team seem to miss of the converation over the phone!! come on VM send me the new modem and a number.. get me signed up to 50meg.. stop ripping us all off!!

  34. Re: 50mb Service Cost


    Originally Posted by telfordcable
    If all of us 100% don’t order or don’t sign up to get 50Mb for next 6 months, then I believe VM boss might say “I am disappointed no ones seem bothered to sign up 50Mb or 50Mb with phone as I think we have to reduced 50Mb price and axed the activation charge and installation charge to bring the customers in”.

    50Mb for £51 a month, £50 activation fee charge, £30 for standard installation charge (overall cost is £131 one off fee plus one month advance payment of £51) is really a rip off !!! I will not buy it or sign up !

    DON’T SIGN UP !!!! (because it say ‘Up to’ 50Mb might be 25Mb or 30Mb or 40Mb or will it be 50Mb all times ??)

  35. just disconnected virgin broadband. what a slow speed ! called customer service and asked them where return their router. answer: look at the package. but there’s no package they brought and installed it . searched through google. no answer. seems their customer service is complete piece of shit without any chance for help.

  36. Absolute waste of time is all I can say about VM. When we first got hooked up with them we did so via the, allegedly, quick start. We went for this option because we had moved into a property where they had also been on Virgin, so the cable and phoneline etc were all there and working the day before we moved in.

    After waiting all day for the delivery of the TV box, modem etc it didn’t show up. We must have made 5-10 calls before we spoke to someone that was obviously using the company brain cell who told us that the delivery hadn’t left the depot…which was great, a day of my annual leave wasted there then!! Then when it did show up a day late half of the cables were missing so we had to then wait a week before we received the cables. We had to decide to have TV or Broadband setup as we couldn’t have both due to the missing cables. We were told it would be a day or 2 before we received the missing cables, which would be sent via the post so we don’t need to be in to sign for them. So, guess what, they send them a week later via a courier, so another days holiday taken.

    Now, at the same time we were waiting for the phoneline to be installed. Although there was a working connection to the flat it would take a week. So we wait a week, still no working line. So we call 1221312786234 different departments before we are told the phone works. Now given that there is no dial tone they still argued it was working!! Eventually they decide to agree and send an engineer out. All in it took 2+ weeks to get a working phone. Then, and this is the kicker, someone on the same street had a phoneline installed and they managed to cross the lines. We were also charged for this other persons calls, which cannot have been made by us as we were both at work!! Still no refund.

    We’ve had the TV/BB dropout 4 times now and lost connection completely.

    Then today I call to advise we’re moving house. The new place has a cable from the street, into the house and connects to a Telewest/Virgin box in the house. But apparently there is no line into the house. So they want to send a 2 man crew out to dig up the drive where there is ALREADY A SODDING CABLE, oh and this won’t be for 2 weeks!! Think it’s about time we just got shot of them, absolute bunch of clowns who couldn’t find their arses if they sat on their hands!!!

  37. VM complete waste of space, time money and effort

    House move/transfer took 2 weeks not the 2 days they promised

    Last night, conversation to support line went…..

    Me; “I’m paying for 10Mb service, only getting 859kb/s”

    Agent; “Sorry sir cant register it as a fault until it goes below 450kb/s”

    Me; “Are you serious ?”

    Agent; “Yes sir I am, we don’t consider it a fault”

    Me; “So why dont I just pay for a 2mb service and pray”

    Agent; “That would be an option sir”

    Me; “What to pray ? or downgrade to 2mb ?”

    Agent; “Errr”

    CLICK….I’d put the phone down on him

    WHAT THE F#@$%???
    Are they serious ?

    Watch this space

  38. Well
    I see that the thread is a little old but I just want to add this:

    Telephone – Report fault in mid September 08
    03/10/08 – 1st Engineer visit supposed to be no show, no phone call from Virgin – Mae day off, 8 hour wait in.
    Called to sya that no engineer called and told that I could expect a call back

    15/10/08 09:20 – No call received. Spoke to Saurabh in faults dept who apologised and promised to call me back.

    23/10/08 16:15 – Gaurav fault dept promised to call me back

    27/10/08 20:00 – Engineer supposed to call but no show. I took day off work, no call from Virgin. Spoke to Ricky in faults dept 20:00 who promised to call me back.

    29/10/08 14:05 – Spoke to Vicky who promised that Colin Mattison (supervisor) would call me back.

    31/10/08 11:14 – Spoke to Subeg faults dept. Said that he has escalated the call and will contact field manager.

    04/11/08 Spoke to Taruna who promised to call me back. Also spoke to Nitin in customer care who promised to monitor the case and call me back.

    17/11/08 – 13:00 Spoke to Fiona in customer care telephony team after receiving letter saying that Virgin had tried to contact me to no avail – how did they try and contact me? No missed calls or VM messages!

    20/11/08 – 09:59 Spoke to Arthur who said that Atiq in install Complaints who should be dealing with this and he will try to contact him while I hold. Spoke to Atiq 0845 045 1064 ext 6259

    09/12/08 13:45 Martin Mcloon – ext 2581 customer relations, Teeside [email protected] To keep my business reduce bill to £57 a month and look to upgrade broadband. Gary Pilbean to call in next day or so. (He didn’t call and there has been nothing further regarding Internet Service Upgrade).

    10/12/08 John Saunders called and engineers visited. Needs cable pull at end of street. They will then reconnect me.

    11/12/08 Sent Martin an e-mail – no reply

    19/01/09 – sent Martin mail asking for service cancellation of telephone service – no reply

    23/01/09 – Speaking to Julie in complaints. She has taken note and said that she will get Atiq (in complaints dept above) to call me back asap. I went through the whole list of events above plus the internet issues in my Virgin Media Internet and TV task list. (Atiq has not called to date 11/02/09)

    26/01/09 – Engineer called. Service worked for 1 hour and then failed. Took 3 hours off of work for that!

    27/10/09 – Called VM to report failure. Manager and engineer visited site and arranged for cable pull contractors to come out.

    27/01/09 – Debbie from Tech Support called saying that a new site visit booked for Thursday from 8am – 12. 3 more days of not working from home.

    29/01/09 – Cable pull contractors can’t pull cable say that road needs to be dug up. He does however get us a connection so that we can watch either TV or use the Internet. Not both at the same time though! We have to change cable over at back of V+ box and modem.

    2/02/09 – Geoff and Jill from DMT 0845 111 0737 opt 2 and then Pierre called to say that the cable pull through team cannot make it because of bad weather. All three did not know that a dig is required. When I told them they all apologised and said that they would update the records! It doesn’t seem if any of them have or why would they keep calling? Must say though it makes a change as until this point no one had bothered calling!

    11/02/09 – Samua from Construction Desk called to say tomorrow’s site visit has been cancelled! I wasn’t told that there was going to be one again. Arranging for 7 – 10 days.

    24/02/09 – Spoke to Dan in customer concerns, left contact details and he will pass details to Atiq to call me back.

    26/02/09 – 15:35 – John wants to put me through to Atiq who “will call me back”. I have asked for a manager but he is on a break until 16:25. John said that his manager’s name is Dan. Atiq will call me back.

    26/02/09 – 17:55 – Had to call Atiq, who apologises but cannot confirm that the work can be done. I have said that I am moving and wish to take VM with me however he needs to make me an offer I cannot refuse.

    05/03/09 – Peter Day says that Tim Ward Team leader or Atiq will call me back in the morning. Didn’t call.

    11/03/09 – Paul Leyton says that Tim Ward will call me tomorrow! Didn’t call.

    13/03/09 – 13:30 Speaking to Atiq. He will call me back with a figure for reimbursement. We have agreed £266 to be sent by cheque. All VM services turned off today.

    09/04/09 – 15:16 Atiq called to say that he cannot pay £266, only £196 – the remainder being a good will gesture which he cannot pay as I am no longer with VM. When we were discussing the payment I explained that I was leaving VM and Atiq acknowledged this. I also said that I have received a bill from VM for £11 and he said that he would deal with it today.

    VM have the monopoly on useless idiots working for them! It is a releif to know as this should mean that there are not any more useless idiots working anywhere else!


  39. VM are a joke they should do something on watchdog about them – I’ve finally got rid of them best thing I’ve done all year –
    My broadband was working ok and then for some reason it just stopped working so I called the call centre never have I experienced a worse call centre I discovered later on if you call outside office hours you get India – if you get India hang up !! Its not worth it you just come of the phone feeling really angry.
    They then told me that they needed to get an engineer round to my house but I can’t get in from work till 6pm – they told me that the engineer will be calling between 5 and 7 and if I’m not in when he calls I’ll get a £10 fine – managed to finish work early on the train home the engineer phoned me and told me no need to come round to my house as the fault is with the outside box and an engineer will fix it on Saturday morning , guess what Saturday morning came and went but no fix . Phoned them up got fuckin India again !!!!! Told the guy there I want someone round now to fix it – that will not be possible
    Waited till Monday called them and asked about the cancellation terms – within 2 minutes the engineer was on the phone saying I’ll be round tonight to fix it and to be fair he did fix it . It lasted a week and then it cocked up again that was it I cancelled it could not take anymore. I told the girl I’m not getting any service from you anyway the only difference is that I’m not going to pay you.

    Remember VM / Branson we’re the customers your not the customers continue to treat us like shit and you won’t have any customers
    Get Branson on Watchdog –

  40. why do i pay more than my mates when they have an extra service than me ?e.g {phone}why do i have to switch of my tv so often?,why dose my music on demand keep freezing,?why is my broadband so slow,i would be quicker with an abacus and a slate,.your coats on a shakey nail,totally unacceptable. there are other providers out there,not a happy bunny

  41. dont you just luv this ….super duper communication company.you know the one with wow high tech super duper fast digital technology,.someone explain to me how you wait 45 mins to get to talk to someone …….after all its a super dupor fast communication company.anyway .had some probs with my smart card .gotta wait a week .from the super duper fast communication company i cant believe branson has put his name to this .ive lost all respect for him very apparant now its just about capital .anyway …i got to speak to the manager of our area …after 4 hours of waiting on the super dupor fast comunication system they have ….i pressed him hard .on my complaint ….he actually said to me …………….yes i know this service we give you is very substandard unreal comment from a manager ……….watch this space

  42. Utter shite. Slow, clumsy, unavigable, no customer loyalty as it seems all the new customers get better deals than us old ones!
    Richard you’ve bought a pup and it’s turned into a right old dog !!!!!!! Off yer arse mate, it’s what you used to be good at, this company requires sorting, I suspect there’s a fair bit of bullshittery and wankword bingo occuring in upper management , know bugger all circles. They certainly have you fooled at any rate. I have to use Google to connect to any of your services as your front page doesn’t cut it. Let me put it another way, would you prefer I caught an American Airlines ticket to travel to Virgin headquarters New York ?
    One word ” embarrasing”

  43. ahh..
    from past 2 year i am suffering the worst of them.
    they don’t know how to talk. wish i could really told richard about how shitty his company is..

  44. The offer you excellent deal won’t send you a e-mail to conferm it
    I have tv,b/b,and phone all for under £23 and i asked if my payment would go up if took up the free sat and box at no extra cost and they promised that it woul not
    when i got them to to deliver a set top box and wire it all up it cancelled the offer i had with them said it was a change in services that i recive and the price whent up by £9 well NTL still the same just a name change oy on that subject

    Mr Branson sold your name for 10% of the company
    I Sold my name to the Queen for a shilling to keep money grabbing bastard’s safe like you and NTL shit allway’s travells downward’s can’t wait for for the worm to turn

  45. Virgin Media are actually unbelievable.

    I have waited 6 weeks to get my phone switched back on.
    I have taken 4 days off of work to let their engineers in.
    I have made numerous phone calls to them.
    I am still waiting for the phone call back that they promised.
    I am still waiting a response to 3 emails i have sent.
    I still have no phone.

    Therefore i have set up a facebook group against them:
    Please join

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