Yacco Blogs

Nice to see that Yacco, Poke‘s new creative director, has started blogging. It’s early days, but I’m sure there’s going to be some nice things on there…

I made a NetVibes tab that contains all of the Poke bloggers in one place. It’s quite a nice thing to do – I would share it with the world, but I’m not sure if they’d all want me to. I might ask them and see.

I’m In New York

And it looks a little something like this…

I’m going to Flickr my photos when I get back, but I couldn’t resisit posting this one. I shall call it simply ‘Irony’.

Evil Recruiters

Not all recruiters are evil, but lots of them are. In my inbox today I’ve got 3 unsolicited candidates from cold-mailing (i.e. spamming) recruiters. This is bad. And it’s unfortunate for the candidates as I’m not even going to look at them, and they could be great.

But this is the just the tip of the iceberg of recruiter badness…

There is one recruiter who I like: Eleanor went out and set up her own recruitment company Roome Consulting. We’d worked with her for a while at her previous place and she’d always been really good. She’d never pushed anyone to come and see us. And never told anyone (including us) fibs or even white lies about people or places. And over time she’s learned the kind of people that we like and she ‘gets’ the culture of Poke. Anyway that’s enough of an advert (disclosure: I may get a packet of peanuts and half a lager for this placement).

Anyway, Eleanor has had a bit of trouble recently and asked me what she could do about it. I’ve got no idea apart from things which are really bad and spiteful, which isn’t really the right course of action.

Her problem is this: She’s been writing nice recruitment ads (for Poke and other people) and a rival recruiter (who shall remain nameless) have been ripping off her ads almost wholesale and reposting them. Then going to her clients and trying to flog them the applicants. This strikes me as low, even for recruiters!

Example. Her original ad starts:

PROBABLY THE BEST ROLE OF 2007……… It may sound like just another SENIOR ACCOUNT DIRECTOR ROLE in just another digital agency in London but WOW what a role, what an account and HOLY MOLY what an agency.

Their rip-off…

DEFINITELY THE BEST ROLE OF 2007..It may sound like just another senior designer role in just another digital agency in London but WOW what a role, what people and HOLY MOLY what an agency.

Anyone got any thoughts as to what she could do? Apart from change profession?

First UGC Win In The Bag

Well the evil plot to pillage the world of UCG has begun. Nothing major, just 2 tickets to a club-night on Saturday. But worth 30 quid.

Not bad for 5 minutes spent writing a 50 word response to something…

Interestingly I sat down and looked at the question like a brief rather than a competition entry. Considering who the audience was going to be, what story might appeal to them, chose a relevant tone of voice, etc. And it seemed to work.

I don’t really want to do all of this publically so I’ve set up a private Google Group called ‘We Are The User’ (thanks to Russell for that). If you’d like to be in on the plan – click here to sign up.

QR Codes – There’s More

semacodes as branding device

Following earlier posts about QR codes (or Semacodes) – the barcodes that your phone can translate into cool stuff – thought I ought to post this from the MIT Advertising Lab on uses for QR codes.

I can’t help but think that the ones above look like some kind of freakomatic 60s Haight Ashbury throwback though.

Via IF from PSFK

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Sorry IMified Chaps

Dave from IMified left a comment that the message I got was an AOL limit thing. And as such is not their fault. Fair play to them.

As he indicates running a service on top of someone elses platform is always going to be a tricky one! Keep up the good work IMified peeps and may all the big boys play nicely with you.

I’m always so impressed at how attentive all these startup guys are to the blogosphere.